5 Social Media Tips To Try Right Now

5 Social Media Tips To Try Right Now:

5. You don’t have to be first, but you can’t be last. Popular Sciences social media editor, Jason Lederman, stressed this during his presentation on “What to Do With All that Data.” What that means is that your social brand needs to be out in front of trending news, especially ones that connect with your audience. And while you don’t have to be first to market, you need to be in the conversation when it matters.

4. Use organic reach on Facebook as a tool to determine what content resonates with your audience best, and where to spend your money on paid reach. This was a sentiment echoed by Deborah Kadetsky, VP of strategy and analytics at SheKnows, as well as Jess Bahr, lead senior strategist, ad operations, atSocialFlow. Although Facebook’s algorithms may be confusing, they are extremely good at determining what content your audience wants to see.

3. Determine the right content for the right platform. By now this may seem obvious, but many publishers still aren’t committing to this idea. Victoria Fine, director of audience development and engagement at Slate, stressed that how packaging content from platform-to-platform needs a defined strategy.

2. Tweet all the time! According to Erika Owen, engagement editor at Travel & Leisure, there is no limit to the amount of tweets your brand can push out in a given day. The Twitter feed is not necessarily ephemeral, but the lifespan of your tweets is short and chances are you won’t create follower fatigue. 

1. Keep it light on Instagram. Elisa Benson, social media director of Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Seventeensays that “Funny is the new pretty” when it comes to Instagram. In other words, humor goes a long way and helps create deeper engagements—specifically commenting. Benson stressed that for her brands, comments are the ultimate engagement metric.