2016 Social Media Trends

Nine out of 10 U.S. companies are active on social networks, according to LinkedIn.  

Social media has become a necessary business tool for companies big and small. There are now more than 2 billion active social media users around the world, according to a LinkedIn article about upcoming social media trends. More people are now regularly using social media than the populations of the United States and China combined, and the number is growing at a clip of 25 percent a year. Social media companies know that businesses are increasingly taking advantage of their services and are making changes accordingly. Facebook introduced more targeted advertising and a new feature called "Facebook at Work," which is currently in the trial phase. Social media advertising is expected to grow. By 2017, social media ads may account for 16 percent of all digital ad spend globally, the LinkedIn article states. In 2015, companies spent nearly $24 billion on social media advertising.

Here are 5 2016 social media trends to be privy of. What do you think will be popping next year? Please feel free to read the full article on Fresh Content Society's blog here: 

1. Live video streaming
2. Real time content posting leveraging current events
3. Social media paid media support (advertising) increasing in popularity (Instagram especially)
4. Building one-on-one relationships with customers
5. Social commerce (being able to buy product/services from social media platforms)

Live Video Streaming - Now that Facebook added the live video streaming functionality, we'll see an increase of this with brands, especially with sports and lifestyle properties. I think Periscope is here to stay and live video streaming will be popping in 2016. 

Real Time Posting - Scheduling content will always be important, but brands are going to be ready to be nimble and post in real time leveraging real world events that pertains to their brand to be able to offer up value and or insight to their community during current events.

Social Media Advertising - This idea is being embraced more and more since the cost of advertising is so low. Still haven't been able to TRULY track sales through social media, but there's no question to the exposure to the cost is very beneficial to a brand's social media community. 

Super Users - Being able to connect with your customers everyday via social media is special, but being able to really get to know your customer and engaging with them directly and personally is going to take the relationship to the next level. Wait for it, it's happening. 

Social Commerce - Going to a website (e-commerce) is so 2015 to purchase products from your favorite brand. Buy buttons on social media will appear and consumers will be able to exchange money and products all through social media. I think it'll start as a link and then the capability of buying direct on each platform is coming soon. 


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