5 Community Management Best Practices

Great community management starts with having a great (and dedicated) social media or community manager. Additionally we still see lots of communities being launched without well thought out content or adoption strategies. These are paramount to success so be sure to define both before launching anything!  Post that there are many ways to get a community off on the right foot and help it to grow to meet its full potential.

Here are a few of the best practices we apply:

  1. Recruit key influencers and advocates. This is easily said; however you should implement a social listening strategy to help find those individuals that best suit your needs. You can do this by selecting key words that most resonate with the nature of your brand. Here is a great example of the power of influencers.
  2. Implement sharing and referral functionality to facilitate word of mouth.
  3. Implement a system that rewards contributors (gamification). Check out how Ford has embraced this concept.
  4. Be transparent and honest with new and existing users at all times.
  5. Provide excellent content that is open and free. Learn more about content and experience: Content is King, Experience is queen.