How To Contact A Social Media Influencer

Finding a social media influencer is not easy to do, especially if you don't have a current relationship with the social media celebrity. This process is very tedious and patience is a virtue. Identifying a social media influencer requires a ton of research and vetting out who can help add value to the conversation. Before even exploring who's out there, you must create an objective and determine what the goal is for engaging a social media influencer. It's also good to figure out what the metrics are to measure the impact of the social media influencer campaign. In addition to the goal, it's important to understand what social media platform is most important to the particular activation. An influencer should be somebody who has authority in the space and is an expert that can help drive awareness and engagement to the social media influencer program. 

A number of social media celebs will have an agent or manager representing them to vet out business opportunities. Could be WMA or United Talent event. Influencers will sometimes post their contact info (or their managers info) in their social media profiles under the about us section on Facebook, Twitter Bio, Instagram Bio, etc. You can always google search "celeb name and manager". Otherwise you can try and search for "celeb name and press releases" and connect with their publicist to help you get in touch with their agent. This is a process and could take a long time, but eventually the contact info will surface. There are a number of automated influencer outreach/engagement platforms, but I find them to be too expensive and doesn't deliver many qualified influencers that can really help take the program to the next level. 

The good news is social media influencers want to get paid for tapping into their communities they've built, and they deserve the money. Social media influencers want to be accessible and they should be more transparent with their biz agent info, but it's hard to sift through millions of emails especially it's from fans and not biz opportunities. 

If you need help identifying, negotiating and engaging a social media influencer, get in touch with one of our social media experts to help with the planning and execution of the influencer program. We have a lot of experience helping brands with their social media influencer management and seen a lot of great results.