Looking For 24/7 Community Management

If you're not monitoring your social media channels 24/7, you could be missing out on new business opportunities and (equally as important) customer service issues. When is the last time you contacted a brand via their 800 number? You will get a faster response from a company via Twitter than calling and or emailing with strong community management and a true monitoring / engaging plan. Even though the community manager isn't the customer service expert, just having an open line of communication with a brand is comforting enough for a customer to have some sense of "this issue" will get resolved somehow. 

Social media is a 24/7 job and is the vessel that can help give your brand credibility, consumer trust and ultimately drive revenue for your business. Fresh Content Society offers 24/7 community management services and is a trusted reliable source to keep your channels active on weekends and off hours. 

Here's how we can help your business with 24/7 community management: 

  • Create a custom response grid 
  • Around the clock (24/7 community managers) 
  • Customer service liaison to your brand
  • Monitor and reply back to incoming messages, wall posts, replies and comments 

Great 24/7 Example: Recently I had an issue with my Dyson vacuum. I reached out via Twitter and within a hour there was a response from Dyson. Oh yea, I messaged them on a Saturday. The response came from overseas and they said they will get back to me on Monday when a U.S. representative was available. On Monday, there was a response back. After some back 'n forth, they sent me a replacement piece and I can go back to cleaning my house. Not once did I call, email or go to a store. All communication happened via Twitter. Dyson is a great example of solid 24/7 community management.