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Twitter News

Twitter Launches New Site to Optimize Business

Have you ever wondered how to maximize your potential on Twitter but weren’t sure which resource to use? Look no further as Twitter has eliminated the middle man by launching their own help site called Twitter Media. The site was made and is packed full of resources and guides which outline and break down how to use Twitter’s many tools and functions. Whether you objective is to boost your reach, gain followers or increase engagement, Twitter Media’s got you covered. For those new to Twitter, these tools will provide in depth views into managing and optimizing your account. Veterans of the Twitter-verse may find this guide to be a tad beginner but there’s always more to be learned.

Channel News

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Instagram Hits 1 Billion Monthly Users

Instagram had 800 million monthly active users in September and this week the platform reaches the billion club. Instagram is a channel that steadily grows and continuously tries to offer new tools and features to support its users for optimal use. 

While Snapchat’s daily user count grew just 2.13 percent in Q1 2018 to 191 million, and Facebook’s monthly count grew 3.14 percent to reach 2.196 billion, Instagram is growing closer to 5 percent per quarter.

Hitting the 1 billion user milestone could put pressure on Instagram to carry its weight in the Facebook family and bring home more cash. Facebook doesn’t break out Instagram’s revenue and has never given any guidance about it. But eMarketer estimates that Instagram will generate $5.48 billion in U.S. ad revenue in 2018, up 70 percent from last year. It reports that Instagram makes up 28.2 percent of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue.

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What's New?

Instagram Launches New IGTV for Long Form Video 

Eager to join the party, Instagram has dropped its latest update in the form of the new IGTV. Instagram TV will be a new way to follow your favorite celebrities, brands, and friends on social media. Anyone will be able to upload hour long videos straight to IGTV which is accessible through the Instagram app or the new standalone IGTV app. The new function will also give users the ability to subscribe to channels the same way YouTube runs their subscription function, notifying subscribers to when their favorite content creators post. Currently, Instagram is not implementing ads into their IGTV app but ads should be expected in the future. Instagram also isn’t going to be paying creators for posting content but are expected to build a monetization option for creators and possibly ad share revenue.