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What's New?

Facebook Launches New “Brand Collab Manager” Option to Influencers with Brands


 It’s no secret that companies are reaching out to social media influencers more and more to support the companies brand and further their reach. With this knowledge in mind, Facebook has come out with their new Brand Collab Manager dashboard feature which will highlight potential influencers that could best support your brands message. Personalized lists of influencers will be calculated based off of your own specific promotional requirements. Each influencer will be given a % rating based on compatibility with your brand and its specifications while also showing the influencers reach and category. Creators will be able to make brand profiles complete with intro video, to do so, creators will need to sign up for Brand Collab Manager.

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Channel News

Instagram Stories Reach 400 Million Daily Active Users

Instagram continues to produce quality metrics in showing that their social “Stories” feature now gets 400 million daily active users, up from 300 million last November. These numbers show that Instagram's story usage is now growing faster than Snapchat’s, the originator of the “story” function. Social marketers should take this information into account when planning out their social media strategies. Instagram stories are a great way to further your message and drive engagement on your channels. When Instagram first launched their stories function, it could surely have been classified as a flop but with proper research and development they have turned their story function into one of the top growing vertical content consumption method on social media today.   


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Best in Class

Instagram Launches Video Chat

Instagram launches their video chatting capabilities in their messenger portal for friends and brands to connect. With Instagram stories being interactive and becoming a destination for viewers, the video chat functions purpose is so users can just "hang out,' according to Mark Zuckerberg. The reviews of the feature have been positive,  if Instagram can grow their FaceTime to compete with Apple's FaceTime function remains to be seen.