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What's New?

Facebook Updates Story Feature

Facebook has unrolled a new update that allows users of their story function to archive stories for reuse or to post on other forms of social media later. Facebook has been notoriously late to the game on updating their story function as Instagram has already implemented this tool six months ago. This new feature is important for marketers due to the growing popularity of Facebook Stories as of recent. For brands not yet utilizing Facebook stories, it will prove worthwhile to give it a shot as it costs nothing to post stories, we call that free marketing.

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Channel News

Instagram Continues to Update Stories Function with Q&A Feature


Instagram continues to update their stories function and drop a new update during the holiday week. Now, select users will be able to add Question and Answers type text boxes in their story. This is important because it will drive engagement and consumer interactivity to a companies post. The responses are sent to the poster in a private message where they can connect with their consumer on a personal level. Instagram has been pumping out new features left and right and with the popularity of “story” based taking on new heights with user activity, it’s becoming more and more important to keep up with the latest tools.

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Best in Class

Facebook launches “Keyword Snooze” to Help User See What They Want

Facebook has started testing a feature that will allow users to to mute specific words that would appear on their Newsfeed for 30 days. If you snooze a word, you won’t see it on your feed for 30 days, this effects posts from friends and organic content from appearing on your feed but will not block paid ads. The past few months has not been easy on Facebook with the Cambridge Analytica and most recently, a bug that unblocks people Facebook users have blocked beforehand. With this new feature, Facebook hopes to instill in their users heads that they are still in control of what they see and what they share. The main focus of this feature is for political content that could be triggering to viewers.