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What's New?

Instagram Drops Hot New “Questions” Sticker

Instagram has been working tirelessly modifying their app to keep up with the needs and wants of their users. As of recent, Reddit AMA’s (Ask me anything) were the best way to go about asking your favorite brands and content creators all of your questions. Instagram has taken note and subsequently dropped their new “Questions” sticker. What this function will do is allow content creators to interact and engage with their audiences better by allowing them a tab to ask questions on in the creators story. Questions will be go directly to the creators inbox where they can choose to answer them and post the response publicly or ignore them. This lets audiences get more in tune with who they’re watching and allows the creator to be more engaging with their audience. How do you intend to utilize this new function?

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Channel News

Facebook Launches New Function for E-commerce

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and you come across a item a company advertising that makes you think “Oh this is cool, I wonder how I’d  look in this?” Wonder no longer as Facebook is dropping new augmented reality system for there ads allowing you to virtually try on their items. Mainly being used for cosmetics, clothing and accessories, this new function will bring up your camera and virtually add whatever item you’re looking at onto you. Now, for anyone who has ever shopped for anything online you know that things don’t always come as advertised whether it be not fitting right or an item being not as described. These new AR Ads will eliminate confusion that goes along with purchasing products online and will hopefully increasing purchasing orders for brands who market on Facebook.

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Best in Class

PopTart USA Tweets Something You’ll Never Believe

The biggest news in the social media marketing game as of recent has got to be Pop-tart USA’s Twitter. Pop-Tart has been making headlines recently because their Twitter account is making people stop, absorb, shock, and engage. Their most recent Tweet depicted their new Pop Tart Flavor Frosted Strawberry and Drizzled Cheesecake alongside a tropical looking cocktail with the caption “Calm down, it’s a virgin like you” and people lost their minds. Not only has the tweet gone viral with 46,000 retweets and 133,000 favorites but people are quote tweeting it with their own caption and reaching 100,000+ retweets and favorites. The reason this got so hot is the sheer shock factor of calling their audience all virgins and having it NOT blow up in their face. People love the humor behind it as Pop-Tart USA has successfully carved out their ideal voice on Twitter and have people coming back just for the laughs. This is the pinnacle of social media success as it starts a dialogue revolving around their brand and brings awareness to their social media accounts as people wait for more!