Our Success

Social media is measured by growth and interactions. We help our clients grow their fans and followers with strategic proven methods that also helps increase engagement. Here are a few case studies to check out.


peak auto (Live event social media support)

The objective was to increase engagement across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during PEAK sponsored events

Our Strategy was to produce more engaging content onsite leveraging PEAK racing teams and PEAK sponsored event properties. Produce Facebook Live Q & A videos, host Instagram and Snapchat takeovers, launch Instagram Stories and create social media giveaways onsite with autographed branded merchandise. 

250,000 + Video Views | 100,000 Interactions | Increased Fans & Following by 82.4%



stops_rust_logo_413x180x 2.png

Rust Oluem (sweepstakes) 

The objective was to introduce Rust Oleum's motorsports partnership to their social media communities, collect consumer data, and to raise awareness to their social media communities.

Our Strategy was to create a social media sweepstakes that offered fans a unique experience to a NHRA event. Create a fun, but easy barrier to enter the sweepstakes. Promote the sweepstakes by leveraging Rust Oleum's race team, create Facebook and Instagram ADs, and boost Facebook posts.

Reached over 400,000 People | 150,000 Interactions | 4,000 Tab Views | 500 Entries

13938501_1227850573915931_2696100705185752689_n 2.jpg

manny's deli (influencer marketing)

The objective was to let people know that Manny's has a new delicatessen and completed a million dollar renovation to their classic deli.

Our Strategy was to host a private media event with local food-focused social media influencers, reporters and producers from local media outlets, and local celebrities and dignitaries.   

75,000 Interactions | Reached 35,000 People | 250,000 Media Impressions