4 Local SEO Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid


Local SEO refers to optimizing a website using geo-based keywords. It includes various activities including adding your business details to Google My Business. There are different ways by which you can improve the effectiveness of your local SEO campaigns. Also, there are a few mistakes that would create an adverse impact on your business. Listed below are some of the common local SEO mistakes that you should avoid. 

Using Broad Keywords

Targeting broad keywords will not give you the desired benefits in local SEO. The keywords are those that your prospective users search for. For example, a marketing business that targets a “digital marketing company” as a keyword is less likely to give search traffic. Instead, by targeting the geo-based keyword “Chicago digital marketing company,” you can improve the search engine rankings. It will be less competitive when compared with generic keywords. 

Lack of Optimization 

A well-optimized website is integral to good SEO. If the website is not optimized enough, it cannot come on top of the search engine ranking pages. You should optimize the content, blogs, or images using geo-based keywords to rank high in relevant local searches. Both the technical and non-technical aspects of the SEO should be optimized. 

Ignoring Negative Reviews

Generating customer reviews should be a priority for businesses. Not only does it improve the trustworthiness of the business, but also helps people while they make a buying decision. And it is important to respond to the negative reviews from your users. It gives the message to the potential customers that the customer’s concerns are promptly addressed.

Not Listing On Business Search Engines

Listing on business search engines like Google My Business is an important aspect of local SEO. It helps you rank better in organic search results as well as on Google Maps. Moreover, you should optimize it with the name, address, contact information, photos, and more for better rankings on search result pages. 

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