9 Awesome Holiday Social Media Campaign Ideas For Your Brand


Holidays open up great opportunities for businesses to connect with their social media followers. It is the time people go on a spending spree. That’s the best time for brands to make some good money with their products or services. It is the perfect time for businesses to engage with the audience as well.

 If you are a small business owner focusing on local marketing, holidays are that time of year when you can make fortunes. It shows that 42% of holiday shoppers like to buy from local businesses than retail chains. 

We see a flood of holiday marketing campaigns every year and some brands do it amazingly well. If you are thinking of some brilliant ideas for holiday marketing campaigns, read on. Here we have put together some tried and tested ideas for creating holiday social media campaigns. We wish it helps you get closer with your social media followers in the upcoming holiday season. 

Make It Visually Appealing

Let holidays begin with visuals! As soon as the holidays approach, colorful visuals rule the marketing space. The same works for social media space as well. Use eye-catchy visuals that relate to holidays and vacations for your campaigns. As part of the holiday makeover, you can change the profile images, cover photos, bios, etc., and give a festive touch to it. You can create thoughtful cover photos that evoke the joy of festivity and excitement. 

To make it more fun and exciting, you can use holiday memes as well. The visuals help to grab the attention of your target customers and keep your brand on top of their minds. 

Start Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag campaigns are the easiest way to create user-generated content. The best images and attractive content generated can be posted on your social media pages to boost the holiday vibe. We have seen major brands making the best use of hashtag campaigns. 

There are multiple benefits of creating catchy hashtags. It helps you increase your brand reach dramatically and improve social media engagement. Naturally, it helps to boost your brand and leads to more conversions. When you choose a hashtag, make sure it is short and easy to spell so that people won’t forget or misspell it. 

Time For Giveaways 

Though you can create contests or giveaways throughout the years, the holiday season is the best time. After all, holidays are the best time to give away gifts and prizes. Include some exciting giveaways or contests on your social media calendar for the holiday season. 

When creating contests, set the entry requirements in such a way that it helps in user engagement and brand reach. Also, make sure the prize money or giveaways cater to your target group. 

Promote Exclusive Deals 

Let’s put some statistics first. One in three consumers says that promotions are one of the major driving factors for choosing a brand during holidays. Moreover, around 33% of holiday consumers will wait for a promotional offer to shop from a brand.

Not to mention holidays are the best time to offer some exclusive discounts and bundle deals. Moreover, the competition between brands soars during the holiday season. By introducing some mind-blowing deals, you can capitalize on the spending frenzy during the holidays. Also, you can make use of social media to promote deals and discounts. It will surely help to attract the attention of your target group. 

Encourage User-Generated Content

To make your social media pages more active, you can encourage your users to tag your pages or use your holiday hashtags. You can create contests that encourage user-generated content. For example, you can keep the entry requirement as posting with your brand hashtag. And you can reward the best creative posts to appreciate their engagement. 

Not only does it help in user engagement, but also promotes brand loyalty. Further, it gives you some great ideas to improve your business when you understand the various ways by which your users interpret the brand.

Create A Festival Vibe

Holidays are the perfect time to decorate your home. The same applies to your social media pages as well. Give a festive vibe to all digital marketing spaces to set the mood right.

Also, try to give a festive look to your web pages. The social media campaigns are going to take your users to the landing pages. Therefore, keep it relevant and ready for the holiday season which will delight the users. 

Boost User Engagement Efforts

During the holiday season, you can expect a spike in your engagement rates. It is the time people spend more time on social media, sharing their opinion, searching for products, etc. Boost your engagement tactics so that you can build a group of loyal customers. 

You can send a personalized holiday greeting to your customers and encourage them to engage with your brand. Or you can conduct a Q&A session for your customers. There are countless choices for promoting user engagement during holidays. 

Support A Good Cause

Another great holiday campaign strategy you can try is to partner with a non-profit organization that has some relevance to your brand. What better way to end the year other than supporting a good cause? The holiday season is the right time for supporting a good deed. Preferably, you can support a cause that brings some value to your target customers. 

Also, your team can participate in some kind of activity for charity. You can share the content on your social media pages and encourage your users to comment, share, etc. 

Partner with Influencers

Influencer marketing is making a lot of buzz in digital marketing these days. It is becoming a big trend now and it’s going to be bigger in the future. The influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $16.4B in 2022. If you are planning to harness the power of influencer marketing, the holidays are a perfect time.  

Influencers are trusted by customers and they bring more authenticity to your products. You can either tie up with an influencer for promoting sales or for creating amazing content for brand promotion. It is one of the cost-effective sales-boosting strategies for small businesses during holidays. 

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