12 Best Practices That A Professional Social Media Company Follows in 2022


The best part of hiring a social media company is they can handle social media marketing professionally and efficiently. No matter what industry your business is in, having a robust social media marketing strategy can help you reach your marketing goals quickly. That is why it makes sense to hire a top Washington DC social media company. 

Social media has evolved to be one of the dynamic marketing mediums these days. The platforms are changing in the blink of an eye. New features are being added and social media algorithms are getting smarter. It is important to keep up with the pace of social media marketing to reap its various benefits and optimize the return on investment. 

As the social media landscape is quickly evolving, marketers must stay updated about the best practices for social media marketing. In this blog, we have listed the best practices followed by social media companies in 2022 to improve the chance of success. 

Define Your Target Audience Precisely 

When you hire a professional social media company, they will start the process by creating a precise buyer persona. Having a superficial idea of the target customers is not enough to succeed in social media marketing anymore. 

Defining the target audience is much more than identifying the audience demographics. The better you know your customers, the better the social media ROI. Hence social media companies do their research to understand who the customers are, which social platforms they prefer, what are the things they care about, whether they are already familiar with the brand, what are their preferences in content, and more. 

When you dig deep to know the inspirations and pain points of your buyers, you know whom you’re talking to and what type of content is ideal for them. 

Ensure Content Diversity 

When the same type of content is delivered repeatedly, customers will more likely get bored. They will show no interest in engaging with the content. When they don’t find any value in the content you post, they will move away from the brand. 

While the focus is on quality over quantity in content, you should make sure the content creates value for your target customers. Content diversity is at the top of the mind of social media marketers these days to increase the engagement rate. With many types of content possible for each social media platform, they come up with a diversified content plan for success in social media. 

Optimize Content For Each Platform

There is no one-size-fits-all content for social media platforms anymore. Each of the platforms favors its own type of content style. Moreover, customers will quickly identify when you copy-paste the same content on all platforms. 

In the current social media landscape, it has become a requirement for marketers to create content specifically for each platform. However, it is not required to be on every platform to succeed. Brands can choose the right platforms where the target customers are spending time and optimize content for the specific platform.

To sum up, you don’t have to post generic content on every platform but create engaging content for platforms that benefits your business. 

Conduct Social Media Audits At Regular Intervals

Social media audits open up opportunities to improve the overall strategy. It refers to analyzing all social media accounts to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your social media strategy. The audits show the best platforms where target customers are engaged, what is working and what is not, what type of content are getting attention on pages of competitors, the best time to post content, and more. 

Marketers combine the analysis of all networks that they use to understand the results they have gained so far. It is one of the best practices for brands that aim to build a strong brand reputation on social media.  

Ensure Consistency in Brand Guidelines 

Consistency across various social media platforms is necessary to create a strong brand connection with the audience. By maintaining a consistent tone, voice, and style across social media networks, your brand becomes easily recognizable to your target audience. 

Furthermore, marketers understand the importance of having social media guidelines for employees as well. Even if they are posting from their personal accounts, there might be topics that should be avoided when they are part of the company. The social media guidelines for employees motivate employees to post positive and encouraging content about the brand. Also, it prevents them from violating terms and conditions and associated legal troubles.

Use Hashtags Thoughtfully

When we talk about best practices on social media, we cannot forget the importance of hashtags. It can significantly improve the brand reach and promotes user-generated content. However, hashtags should be used wisely and thoughtfully to reap the benefits. 

First of all, the hashtags should be relevant and easy to read and understand. Overdoing hashtags can make the customers confused and decrease the engagement rate. Though there is no optimal number of hashtags that can be used, marketers can analyze the data to understand what works best.

Take Advantage of Social Listening

Brands that do not give importance to social listening are missing out on an opportunity for free, real-time market research. It refers to the conversations and trends happening on social media about your brand and the industry around. It allows the social media company to understand the customer expectations and tweak the content accordingly. 

Different social listening tools are available that alert marketers whenever there is a mention of the brand’s name, specific keywords, etc. It even allows to track brand sentiment and address it promptly when it turns negative. 

Provide Customer Support On Social Media 

Social media was initially used for connecting to the customers and brand promotion. With time, it is evolving as a reliable customer support space for customers. More than 70% of consumers expect brands to respond to their queries or concerns through social media. 

Subsequently, marketers consider customer service through social media an important part of social media strategy. It is an opportunity for better user engagement and increased social media interaction. Moreover, it keeps the customer closer to the brand and establishes a strong emotional connection. If you are looking for ways to improve customer service through social, here is our blog on how to handle customer service on social media.  

Address Criticisms And Manage Angry Customers

In social media, negative reviews can greatly affect your brand reputation. However, it is not possible to avoid negative comments or mentions as well. Hence social media managers are taking extra effort to handle negative situations efficiently by resolving them promptly. 

While interacting with angry customers, the team should respond empathetically. Instead of trying to prove a point, they need to offer solutions to the problems of the customers. Having a proper social media guideline would help employees know how to handle negative reviews and angry customers without delay. 

Develop A Crisis Management Plan

After all, it is social media and we don’t know when a public relations nightmare can occur. That is why the social media management team finds it important to have a crisis management plan ready. No matter how ethical and responsible you carry out daily operations, it is good to have a plan to deal with backlashes. 

The crisis management plan should include who is supposed to respond, what are the situations for releasing a public statement, what kind of responses are required for various situations, whether you will make a change in policies that upset a group of people, and so on. 

Choose Influencers Wisely

When you plan to include influencer marketing in your social media strategy, there is no dearth of options. There are numerous influencers and content creators who have a considerable fan base. However, choosing influencers based on their fanbase alone is not a wise decision. 

These days, marketers consider various factors before choosing an influencer for brand promotion. First of all, the influencer should be someone relevant and appealing to the target group of the brand. The company’s brand value should align with that of the influencers. Furthermore, other metrics like engagement rate, frequency of posting, content quality, etc. should be taken into consideration before choosing the influencers. 

Find The Best Practices For Each Platform

As mentioned before, each social media platform has its customer base and characteristics. While you develop the best practices, each platform requires a unique approach. Collecting data and analyzing it helps to find the best practices for each network. Moreover, take feedback from customers and ask for their opinions and ideas to improve your social media presence. 

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