5 Key Community Management Ideas For Social Media Agencies


The advent of social media has drastically changed the way we approach marketing. It has introduced new and easier ways for businesses to reach out and stay connected with the target audience. To put it the other way, social media enables businesses to build a community of loyal customers with proper community management strategies. 

Given the various benefits of community management, businesses are increasingly investing in building communities. The community allows people to stay connected based on their preferred choices or characteristics. The communities can be built for connecting with employees, customers, partners, or even fan followers. 

Benefits of Building Online Communities

If done right, community management offers a plethora of benefits. First of all, it helps to build a strong relationship between the brand and the customer. It allows businesses to connect with employees on an empathetic level. When you create a space where the customers are heard and recognized, it keeps them closer to the brand. Online communities enable businesses to provide instant support and allow quick communication with existing customers and the target group. 

Moreover, businesses can use communities to improve their product or service by listening to the conversations or even by asking them directly for suggestions. It offers a chance to learn what customers are expecting from your brand in terms of products, services, or customer support. Since communities allow them to engage with the customers post-purchase, there is a high probability for them to buy from the brand repeatedly. It helps in increasing the customer retention rate as well. 

Another major benefit of online communities is that it eases up the task of the customer support team. Through online communities, customers can get peer support whenever they have any queries or concerns while engaging with the product or service. It allows businesses to reduce the resources allocated for traditional customer support activities.

If you are contemplating creating a powerful community management strategy, we have got you covered. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Clarity and Frequency Matter

For effective community management, your communication should be precise, frequent, and empathetic. When you build your strategy, make sure you add how often you are going to do social media posts. Since social media is flooded with content every second, your brand will be zoned out if you are inconsistent in posting new content. Have a proper schedule for posting content and make sure you stick to it. 

Ensure Proactive Engagement 

There is no point in building a community that has less engagement. You need to ensure the community members receive quick support when they require it. Ensure that the concerns are properly addressed and issues are resolved on time. It is ideal to have a community manager who is responsible for listening to community members, checking comments, responding promptly, etc. 

Know The Customer Expectations 

To know the needs and wants of the customer, the best way is to ask your customers. This way, you can get to know what types of content are valuable and relevant for the community members. You can take advantage of social listening tools as well to understand what type of content or service upgrades they are looking for. When you have this data, you can quickly adapt to the changing needs of the customers. 

Humanize The Brand

Online communities offer an opportunity to humanize your brand. It is a space where you can build a real and personal connection with the customers. For example, you can share the ‘behind the scenes’ videos or how the team works together and contribute to the office culture. Make sure you balance professionalism and brand image while trying to humanize the brand. 

Active Listening

A crucial part of community management is actively listening to the customers. When you listen to the discussions happening about or around your brand, you can significantly elevate the value of the community. There are different ways that you can listen to the customers such as frequent analysis of discussion forums, reacting to feedback, using social listening tools, etc. By closing the feedback loop, you actually show the customers that the brand values them truly. 

Let’s Build A Vibrant Community!

Online communities are a powerful tool for your business. If you are looking for an experienced social media agency for building and managing your online communities, we can help you. At Fresh Content Society, we help you craft a brilliant communication management strategy to connect with your customers. Get in touch with our team if you are looking for an experienced community manager. 


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