8 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business


According to Sprout Social, “the common ways consumers are finding a product:

  • 49% through targeted ads
  • 40% organically by a brand post
  • 34% by researching on social media
  • 34% by checking out their friend’s post
  • 22% via tags and DM”

 The figures show that digital marketing has become so common nowadays that a lot of consumers rely only on it to learn more about brands.


The present day consumers spend a considerable amount of time online. They are continuously consuming digital content, which is why they trust the medium. As a business owner, you can use this behavior to your advantage by utilizing various online platforms to connect with the target audience.

Even if you have a physical store, digital marketing can be an invaluable addition to your marketing strategy and open a plethora of opportunities to expand and grow your business.

Take a look at some of the reasons how digital marketing can help grow your business –

  1. Increased Brand Awareness

“Digital ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.” – Wordstream

Digital marketing is a great fit for businesses to increase their brand awareness.

Wondering how?

One of the greatest advantages in online marketing is how easily content can be shared on social media. For example, if you post something on your social channels and a user reposts or reshares it, he/she is exposing your brand to a completely new set of audience. Apart from this, digital marketing also allows you to provide personalized service to the audience. Be it email marketing or push notifications, customers feel valued and cared for. Therefore, they would further recommend you to their friends and families. This process ensures that your brand keeps expanding with time.

  1. Cost Effective Marketing

At times, a business may not have big budgets for spending on various advertising and marketing channels. Television ads can get expensive for small brands who are just starting out, as well as print ads and billboards.

In such a situation, digital marketing can be of crucial importance as it can help you reach a wider audience at a comparatively lower cost. It provides businesses an opportunity to communicate and convert potential customers in a cost effective manner. 

  1. Wider Reach

Trying to expand your business in a new geographical area to reach the target audience can be a tedious task with the traditional methods of marketing. However, digital media has the ability to transcend geographical boundaries and allow your business to reach any corner of the world. Digital campaigns are easy to set up, flexible and allows you to connect with the audience in a hassle free manner. Furthermore, it also reduces the cost of setting up a physical store.

  1. Better Revenues For Businesses

According to Google, businesses have a 2.8x higher revenue growth expectancy when they incorporate digital marketing in their strategy. Additionally, businesses who have already invested in digital marketing are 3.3x times more likely to increase their workforce and business growth.

A well strategized digital marketing plan will result in higher conversion rates that eventually leads to higher revenues. In fact, digital marketing can generate a much higher revenue compared to traditional forms of marketing.

  1. Greater ROI

When the brand value and revenue of a business increases, it will also lead to a greater and improved ROI. This is also because all digital campaigns are quite easy to monitor and analyze, and you can also measure the actual results and the impact it had on your audience.

While making a digital marketing plan, what you need to ensure is that there must be a continuous flow of traffic to your website/landing page. The more the traffic, the higher are the chances of conversion, and the quicker return on investment.

  1. Opportunity To Communicate with Customers

Digital marketing allows you to connect and communicate with your customers directly, address their concerns and queries, and solve their issues. Through social media, a customer is just a DM, a tweet or a comment away to connect with the brand. At present times, customers anyway have a short attention span and expect fast responses to their queries. This makes digital media an ideal fit in your marketing strategy.

  1. Conversion Focused Marketing Approach

Ever wondered about the major difference between traditional methods of marketing and digital marketing?

You can do a trial and test method in case of digital marketing, which is not possible in traditional methods. For example, if you publish a print ad or invest in a billboard advertising – once done, it cannot be changed.  However, you have the option of A/B testing your ads whenever you want in case of online marketing. You will be able to set goals, track the performance, and optimize every part of it to get the best results. Not only for ads, you can also test your communication to a very specific target audience based on their preference and intent to decipher the best way of engagement.

A conversion focused marketing approach is important for businesses to sustain and grow.

  1. Opportunity To Go Global

When you have a digital presence, any user who uses the internet has the chance to be your potential customer. The rise of portable technology has habituated users to access the Internet through their mobile devices. Trends point to the fact that mobile searches are a lot more compared to desktop searches. Infact, 75% of Chrome users can access the internet through mobile. This becomes an excellent opportunity to  go global while operating from any corner of the world.

 This is why it is also essential for businesses to have a mobile friendly website for a seamless experience.

Embracing new technology is imperative to grow your business and reach out where your customers are. Digital marketing has proven to be a powerful way to increase brand awareness, generate new leads and provide a better return on investment. At FCS, we have developed award winning digital strategies for reputed brands with a holistic approach – starting from audit to campaign execution to tracking performance and analytics. Get in touch with us for a free social media consultation strategy today!

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