Digital Media 2022 – The Powerful List of Statistics That You Need To Know 


Digital marketing uses digital channels to promote products and services. Any marketing activities enabled by the internet are categorized as digital marketing. It is no news that we currently live in the age of digital media. A significant share of marketing happens through digital channels these days. It allows businesses to stay connected with their present customers and reach a wider market. 

While traditional means of marketing were restricted by geographical limitations, digital marketing allows brands to reach globally. It improves local visibility too. The main advantage of digital marketing is that it is cost-effective and brands can choose appropriate marketing activities depending on their budget. There are multiple digital marketing strategies such as social media marketing, influencer marketing, digital advertisements, SEO-based content creation, search engine marketing, etc. Furthermore, there are multiple content formats to promote the brand online. It includes social media posts, videos, whitepapers, blogs, webinars, and more.  

Using advanced web analytics tools, businesses can monitor the results of their digital marketing efforts in real time and take steps to optimize the ROI. Given all the benefits, digital marketing has become the crux of marketing these days. The global digital marketing market is expected to reach USD 807 billion by 2026. In this blog, we talk about some of the interesting digital marketing statistics that marketers cannot ignore. 

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the integral factors in a digital marketing strategy. If done right, it will naturally attract your target audience to your website. You can increase the web traffic and increase the conversion rate significantly without spending a fortune.

According to statistics, content creation is the most effective among the various tactics that are being used to improve SEO. More than half of marketers find keyword rankings and organic traffic as the top ways to measure the success of their SEO strategies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing uses emails to connect with customers. It is one of the effective ways to generate sales, enhance customer awareness, establish a brand connection, and stay connected to the customers.

A striking factor is email marketing has an ROI of 4400% on average. Around 82% of people open welcome emails from brands. The stunning numbers around email marketing show us it is still one of the best ways to find success online. For small business owners, email marketing provides the highest return on investment. Also, mobile-friendly email is the second most-used tactic for improving engagement with customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization 

Conversion rate optimization refers to the process of increasing the percentage of users who completes a desired action while browsing the website. It can be anything like buying a product or completing a subscription form.

Among all the content formats, visual content like videos on landing pages can improve conversions by 86%. Having a personalized call-to-action statement can improve 202% better than default statements. However, an earlier study shows that around 68% of small businesses do not have a structured or documented conversion rate optimization strategy. 

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is all about creating and sharing content to attract and engage your target audience. Monitoring the content marketing statistics will allow you to determine what works and what doesn’t in your present strategy.

According to HubSpot State of Marketing Trends 2022, 82% of marketers actively use content marketing. The report says 60% of marketers measure the success of their content marketing strategy by following the sales generated. More than 40% of marketers find content marketing to be an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. Videos will be the top content format for B2B brands in 2022, according to the report of Content Marketing Institute, 2021. 

Selling Through Social Media

Social selling is how brands use social media channels to connect with customers, develop a connection with them, and engage with prospective leads to reach their sales goals. When your brand is actively connected to the customers, they will prefer you over the competitors when they want to make a buying decision. In other words, social selling can be understood as the modern form of making cold calls.

More than 78% of salespeople say that using social media help them perform better than their peers. IBM has reported an increase in sales by 400% through its social selling program. According to the company, 55% of buyers do research via social media. 

Video Marketing 

Video marketing uses videos to promote your product or service. It helps businesses to gain a lot of traction, regardless of the industry or the business size. It is becoming the top-rated content format to reach, educate, and engage with the target audience. It is the second-most type of content on social media to create audience engagement.

According to the HubSpot Blog Research 2021, 46% of marketers found the short-form video to be quite effective. Around 99% of marketers who tried video marketing says that they will continue using it in the coming years. 

Advertisements Through Digital Channels

If done right, advertisements give great results for your brand. Unlike traditional mediums, advertising through digital channels is cost-effective and more effective in terms of creating audience engagement. Given the multiple benefits of digital advertisements, its market is going through significant growth in the last few years. 

The global digital advertising and marketing market is expected to reach $786.2 billion by 2026. Out of all platforms for placing paid ads, Facebook Ads and Google Ads have the highest reported ROI rate. According to 2022 online advertising statistics, digital ads can increase brand awareness by 80%. 

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