How To Improve Your Keyword Research For SEO


Keyword research is an important aspect of SEO. Be it creating content or optimizing the website for search engines, choosing the right keywords is a crucial part. When you hire a paid social media agency, they will start the marketing activities by doing proper keyword research. In this blog, we have listed out a few ways on how you can improve your keyword research. 

Look For Broad Keywords 

To start with, you can search for broad keywords. It will give you a broad understanding of creating a keyword list. Furthermore, broad keywords often have the highest monthly search volume. Targeting broad keywords is one of the effective SEO strategies.  

Main Keywords 

Next, you can look for main keywords which are specific keywords within the broad category of keywords. For example, if the broad category is ‘plumbing services’, the main keyword can be ‘residential plumbing services’. 

Related Keywords 

Related keywords are secondary terms that allow you to target specific phrases that are related to the main keywords. Some of these secondary keywords will have not have the required monthly search volumes like the main keywords. You can narrow down the search and focus on the right keywords. 

Long-Tail Keywords     

It refers to more specific search phrases. It will include three or more words along with some modifiers related to the searcher’s needs. It might not have high search volumes but most of the long-tail keywords are valuable for SEO. They help drive website traffic and improve conversion rates. These are search terms that your prospective users search regarding your business. 

Location-Based Keywords

The next step is to find the geo-targeted keywords, especially if you are running a business that serves local customers. For example, you can choose keywords like ‘plumbing services in Chicago’. These keywords will be long-tailed keywords with a local area modifier. 

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