Humanizing Your Brand On Social Media: 6 Tips To Follow


Technology has changed the way we approach marketing in the last few decades. Social media marketing is the use of social media – which is a product of technology – to promote your products or services. Several advanced tools help in the ideation, execution, and monitoring of social media marketing activities. In the ever-changing way of technology, there is a good chance that the brand loses its identity or personality. And the brand’s personality influences the way your target group perceives the products or services. That’s why taking effort to humanize the brand becomes increasingly important these days.

Why Humanizing Your Brand is Important? 

Customer expectations have undergone significant change, especially in the last couple of years. Honesty and transparency have become core values that consumers expect from a brand. People are concerned about the company values before they choose a brand. Furthermore, brand authenticity has become very important to build a connection with customers. Nearly 90% of customers feel brand authenticity is a key factor that influences their buying decision.

In the current scenario, it has become important for brands to focus on building authenticity. An authentic brand image will help to increase conversion rates, improve engagement, and build brand loyalty. It helps to establish a deeper connection with the target group and grow the business. Therefore, any marketing activity should be set in a way to establish a connection with the audience. To put it in another way, making your brand ‘human’ will enable you to reach customers on a personal level.  

What is Brand Humanization? 

Humanization is nothing but making your brand more personable or relatable to your target customer. It involves assigning certain personality traits for your brand and cultivating the brand personality through meaningful connections with your target group. It creates a sense of trust between the brand and the consumer and makes it easier to communicate the concerns, queries, appreciation, etc. It helps to promote two-way communication, rather than the one-way communication methods of traditional marketing. Furthermore, a humanized brand enjoys a competitive advantage in the market. Ultimately, humanizing your brand results in a more successful business. 

6 Tips To Humanize Your Brand on Social Media

Making your brand more real and personable needs a strategic approach. Listed below are some of the tips you can include in your social media marketing strategy for brand humanization. 

Make Communications Relatable

Be it your prospects or customers, they will less likely to be interested to listen to industry jargons or a ‘salesy’ communication style. Ideally, you should communicate in a tone that resonates with your target audience. In other words, people like to listen when a person speaks, rather than when a business speaks. If you are a brand marketer of a B2B company, you can aim for a communication strategy that educates and entertains them. For B2C companies, the best way is to communicate in a way that strikes an emotional chord.  

Include More Video-Based Content

Video-based content opens up a great opportunity for brands to bolster authenticity. You can use videos to tell your customers and prospects the human side of your business. Sharing videos about behind-the-scenes activities or company culture gives a human-like value to your business. If you are able to add elements of humor to your videos, it can be greatly beneficial for grabbing attention and building an authentic image. Furthermore, you can include videos where the top-level executives talk directly to the consumers. Live streaming is yet another way to humanize the brand and create a community of followers and boost engagement. 

Revamp The ‘About Us’ Page

If you think nobody cares about your ‘About us’ page, you’re completely wrong. It is the best way to show off your human side to your target customers. Your customers like to know the team behind the products or services. You can add photos of your team members or even some funny moments from the team-building activities. You can add the backstory of how the company was founded with an element of humor or you can add a sneak peek into the office culture. 

Add An Element of Humor  

Everyone likes to have a good laugh. Adding an element of humor and using down-to-earth language to communicate makes your brand more relatable to your customers. It is the most effective way to put your brand in a positive light. It improves brand awareness, grabs attention from people, and keeps the brand in their memory for a longer time. However, bad humor may harm the brand’s reputation. 

Have An Active Blog 

One of the easiest ways to show off the brand’s human side is to have an active blog strategy. By regularly updating your blog, you can aim for multiple benefits. Not only it helps to boost SEO, but also helps to establish authority in your business domain. It gives the message to the followers that you are relevant, updated, and active in your domain of business. It educates and informs the audience, which further helps in boosting credibility.   

Take Efforts To Boost Engagement

Finally, engaging with your social media followers is an integral part of any good marketing strategy. Engagement refers to techniques, strategies, and practices to improve audience participation. You need to create meaningful interactions with your followers to reap the benefits of engagement. Make sure you answer promptly the questions and resolve the problems of your followers. Sometimes, you can simply engage in conversation with them. 

Allow Our Social Media Experts To Assist You! 

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