Instagram Story Highlights: How To Use It Effectively For Marketing?


Instagram is the fourth largest social media platform in the world, according to the latest reports. Having started in 2010, it currently has a monthly user base of 2 billion. With more than 140 million Instagram users in the US, marketers cannot deny the platform when executing a digital marketing strategy. 

If done strategically, Instagram can reap a plethora of benefits for businesses. The platform’s capabilities allow marketers to grow brand awareness and establish strong brand-consumer relationships. Above all, it is an excellent social media network for building engagement. It can improve brand visibility significantly and reach a wider target group. Given the numerous benefits, nobody can say no to the power of Instagram in social media marketing. 

What is Instagram Highlights? 

Instagram Highlights is one of the prominent features of the platform. It allows businesses to showcase the stories that they want to feature on their profile permanently. Whatever you post on Stories will disappear in 24 hours. Therefore, Instagram Story Highlights is a boon for businesses as they can permanently showcase the best Stories about the brand. 

While you can add as many Highlights as you want, each highlight can have up to 100 videos or photos. However, Instagram shows up to four highlights on the bio. To view more Highlights, the viewers must swipe. Also, the Highlights are displayed in chronological order which means the older stories will be shown first. 

Tips To Use Instagram Highlights Effectively

Though it is a simple feature, a lot of brands do not use Highlights wisely. In fact, it is a great feature that businesses can take advantage of to show off their brand. It allows businesses to immediately catch the attention of viewers and is effective for generating traffic. In this blog, we have listed out a few ways to use Instagram Highlights effectively. Read on.   

Highlight Product Features 

Instagram Highlights is an ideal way to show off the product features and new launches, provided they are relevant for more than 24 hours. You can use the feature to show the collections or other major events or facets of your business. You can combine various features of the product and highlight them. Also, do not forget to use the link sticker that will take the customers to the landing page or product.

Provide How-To Videos 

Using Instagram Highlights, you can show your customers how the brand’s products or services can solve their specific challenges. Any new customer who visits your profile will be interested to know how to use the products or services. The Highlights allow you to showcase how the product will help the customer reach their goals. Also, you can Highlights product tutorials to inform customers what they should expect while making a purchase.  

Promote Company Events 

Have an event coming up? Or does your company conduct recurring events? Instagram Story Highlights is the best way to promote events and reach a wider audience. By adding a call-to-action button, you can increase the number of attendees as well. You can use it to showcase events that your business has participated in as well. Once the event is over, you can add a recap of it. 

Reviews and Testimonials 

User-generated content is brand-specific content created by customers. Such type of content helps to increase brand authenticity and boosts customer engagement. By using Instagram Stories Highlights, you can showcase a collection of the best reviews and testimonials from users. You can highlight what your customers love about your brand as well. Any prospective customer who visits your profile will check the highlighted user reviews leading to improved conversion rates. 

Highlight The Faqs   

FAQs will generally include the questions that are repeatedly asked by the customers. If your product or service is getting a lot of similar questions, you can use Highlights to answer those questions. It is an ideal way to provide all essential information about the products or services under one section and make it easy for customers to access information. You can use the Highlights to club all troubleshooting videos or feature the tips and tricks related to the brand.

Special discounts and offers 

If you are providing special discounts or offers for a day, you can add it in Stories and promote it. For offers that last more than longer than 24 hours, you can use Highlights. You can have a sale-focused Highlights section for all providing information about the ongoing sale offers. It will help to increase sales, promote the lead generation, and boosts website traffic. Once the sale period is over, you can remove the stories and update the highlights. 

Add Behind-The-Scenes Videos 

Behind-the-scene videos or BTS videos help to showcase the human side of your brand. It has become much more essential in today’s marketing scenario as people prefer to purchase from authentic brands. You can combine various BTS videos and add them to Instagram Story Highlights. It is a wonderful way to display the company’s culture and adds a personal touch to the brand. You can use Highlights to tell your customers the various steps that go behind product development, team-building activities, funny moments, etc. 

Promote Blog Posts   

It is not easy to promote blogs in Instagram posts. But brands can use Stories to promote blogs, podcasts, and other content and add it to Highlights. You can use link stickers for sharing external content. If your brand creates educational content, e-books, or other helpful resources, you can combine them to make Highlights. 

Introduce Your Team 

Introducing your team members is one of the effective ways to humanize the brand. You can add introductory videos of your teammates and add them as a Highlight. Also, you can add short videos to inform customers how they are adding value to the brand or about the new initiatives the company has taken up. 

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