15 Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Social Media Company



Planning to hire a New York social media company? We know how challenging and time-consuming it can be, especially if you are working on a shoestring budget. Finding the best-suited social media agency and establishing a bond needs a good level of patience. 

In the digital-first world, having a strong online reputation is critical for your business’s success. And choosing the right social media company will benefit your business in multiple ways. It is your first step to building a strong social media presence. Partnering with the wrong agency can lead to loss in opportunities for business growth.  

Here are a few questions to ask to identify the red flags while choosing a social media company. We hope these questions help you choose the right New York social media company for your business. Let’s start! 

What is Your Area of Expertise? 

If the agency’s answer is ‘everything’ or anything close to it, you need to think twice about hiring them. The saying ‘jack of all trades, but master of none’ is applicable when it comes to social media companies as well. 

Any good agency will have an area of specialization. For example, some of them will have expertise in content creation while others might be known for creative campaigns. You should work with a company that understands the areas in which they excel, and how it can add value to your business. 

What Are Your Core Beliefs or Values?

Core values or the guiding philosophy is something that motivates the team to deliver result-oriented services. The best social media companies will have core values which will be reflect in the services they provide for their clients. 

By knowing their core values, you can understand whether they fit into the overall marketing landscape. Also, you can understand a bit about the company’s working culture. If the core values of the company do not align with that of your business, it is better to hire someone else. 

Do You Have Any Previous Experience in Our Industry? 

It is not a must-ask question, but it’s a relevant one. It will help you understand how far the team understands your specific industry. If they have experience, they will be familiar with the tried and tested strategies in the particular industry. It can be an advantage if the company has a good grasp of the particulars of the field of business. 

If they have no experience, you can ask them to come up with some ideas that they would like to implement for your project. Even if they don’t have experience in a particular industry, they might still have some fresh and creative ideas to succeed across platforms. 

Can You Share Some Case Studies or References? 

Before you hire a social media company, it is important to see a detailed overview of some of their previous projects. It will help you understand the type of projects they have completed, the results they have created, how they approach the projects, and much more. If the company doesn’t have any solid case studies to show, you can ask for references from current or previous clients. 

What is Your Pricing Structure? 

Let’s put it straight. Social media companies offer different pricing structures, and sometimes it is too complex to understand. One common pricing method is a monthly retainer fee which you are supposed to pay every month for the work done. The challenge here is companies may do some fluff to increase the payment. 

Another common pricing structure is they will have a flat fee for the services. You can prioritize and choose the services that your business requires. Since no price structure fits everyone, you should weigh the pros and cons of different pricing methods and choose the right one that suits your requirement. 

Do You Outsource Any Part of The Work or Do Everything In-House?

This question should not be a deal breaker. Several social media agencies outsource some of the work to cut down the cost. However, you should know what part of the project will be outsourced. Also, work with a company that doesn’t outsource major tasks like campaign strategy or content development. 

What will Be The Style And Frequency of Communication? 

Throughout your association with the social media company, you will have several questions, and concerns or feedback about the services delivered. Whenever a need arises, there should be someone who would answer by mail, phone, or other instant forms of communication. These days agencies use project management tools that allow instant communication as well. 

Make sure you ask about the point of contact and available hours for communication. Generally, there will be an account manager or social media manager who can answer your queries. 

Moreover, any good agency will track the progress and analyze the performance of your project and report to you every month. 

What Do You Think About The Project Brief?

Before starting out, you should be clear about your project goals and what role the social media agency should play in achieving the goals. Once you have shared the project brief with the team, you can ask what they think about it. If the agency is immediately getting back with a quotation, it is a red flag. 

A good agency will definitely analyze the brief and let you know whether it is achievable or not. They will come up with more questions to understand the project before finalizing the budget requirement.  

What Are The Best Social Media Platforms You Would Recommend? 

There are multiple social media platforms where you can promote your brand. However, your business does not need to focus on every platform, especially if you are venturing into something new. You can shortlist the platforms depending on your target group. 

While discussing the project brief, you can ask about the right platforms that they would recommend for your brand. If they are suggesting multiple platforms which don’t make sense for your brand, you need to think twice before you hire them. 

What will Be The Activities For The First Month?

When you hire a good agency, they will come up with a roadmap to reach your social media goals. They will start with social media audits to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy. They will come up with a well-thought strategy that optimizes your marketing ROI. 

You should ask the social media team what will be activities taken in the first month of association and the deliverables that you can expect. This will help you understand whether the company has a correct vision for your project. 

What Do You Expect From Me As A Client? 

Before making the deal, make sure you ask about the time commitment that the agency expects from you as a client. If it requires you to spend a lot of time with the team, it is not worth hiring them. 

On the other hand, if they claim they don’t need your involvement at all, that should also be taken as a red flag. Ideally, you should choose to work with a team that strikes the right balance. When the expectations are clear on both sides, the workflow will be smoother. 

When Will I Start Getting The Results?

If the agency is assuring you of immediate results, it is definitely a red flag. Generally, it requires 4-6 months for any social media platform to give you meaningful results. However, the social media strategy will define how much time it will take to see the actual results. There is no hard and fast rule to determine the timeline required to get the desired outcomes. Make sure you work with a reliable social media company that gives you realistic goals. 

Can You Mention Any of Your Failed Projects?  

Well, every social media agency will have some failed experiences. What makes the difference is how they have dealt with the failure. It is important to understand the damage control tactics they have adopted previously and how they deal with negative feedback. 

If the company is sharing an honest story, it is a hint that the company values transparency. It is better not to work with a company that claims they have done only successful campaigns. 

What is Their Policy For Online Community Management? 

Community management has become one of the major areas of social media management now. While there are certain areas of community management that you should take care of, the social media team can handle a lot of other activities. 

You can ask the social media company about their community management strategies and whether they provide round-the-clock service or not. Once you know how much they can contribute, you can determine whether you should handle community management on your own or give it to the company. 

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