The Reality Of Creating Social Media Content To Scale


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The amount of content a social media manager needs to create is beyond comprehension. Not one other marketing role touches the quantity of content needed to stay active on channels. Figure if you are posting 3 x per week that is 12 posts per month (not including RT’s, sharing stories, quote tweets, responses, etc). 12 X 12 is 144 ORIGINAL pieces of content that is expected to perform. We have to get more executives to understand how much of an investment it is to be awesome and active on social media across 6 different channels.

And, we have to understand that social media content is a skill and something that you have to stay on top of daily to follow trends and real time opportunities. This is not an easy task, but it sure is more than a full time role.

Pretty soon we will have (my hope) creators that are channel specific and someone that can speak to each channel directly. For example, social media creative teams need someone who kills it on TikTok, someone who kills it on Twitter, someone who kills it on YouTube, etc.

Content is demanding, let’s be aware of that!

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