Social Media Marketing 2022 – 10 Important Stats That Digital Marketers Should Not Miss 


The advent of digital technology has transformed the way we approach marketing in the last few decades. In the present scenario, businesses shell out a lion’s share of the marketing budget to digital media. And ensuring a proper social media presence is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. In the post-pandemic world, the influence of social media has grown further. Regardless of the industry or business size, businesses that fail to maintain a good social media brand reputation are less likely to succeed in the present world. 

Knowing the statistics helps you improve the current social media strategy and finetune it according to the latest trends. To help you out, we have compiled the most important stats that every digital marketer should keep in mind while creating strategies for social media marketing. Read on. 

The Growing User Base of Social Media 

The active user count of social media is increasing rapidly, and it is not coming down anytime soon. Recent social media statistics show us that there are 4.59 billion social media users globally in 2022. In other words, around 57.5% of the present world population have marked their presence on social media platforms. With mobile and internet penetration improving rapidly, the user base of social media is all set to increase in the coming years as well. Moreover, new social media platforms are coming up with more exciting features that keep the users hooked and spend more time in it. 

Facebook At The Top                                                       

Since its launch, Facebook has evolved to be one of the prime social media platforms for business promotion and marketing. It continues to be the top social media platform in terms of the user base. As per the data for the first half of 2022, Facebook has an active user base of 2.934 billion. The United States has at least 239.15 million active Facebook users.

Social Media Usage in The US 

The usage statistics show that social media networks have become a part of life for people in the United States. From socialization to cracking business deals, most of the internet users in the country depend on social media. According to the latest statistics, the country has a whopping 302 million social media users. The penetration rate of social media is close to 90% in the country. To put it in other way, more than 70% of the population of the US is reported to have a social media account. And Facebook remains the social media platform with the highest share of visitors in the US.   

Time Spent on Social Media

For good or bad, a good number of people are addicted to social media platforms. We connect and communicate with friends or families more on social media than in real life. On average, people spend two hours and 25 minutes per day on social media platforms. As people spend more time on social media, it opens up countless opportunities for businesses to promote their brands. 

The Growth of Social Media Marketing 

As social media continue to evolve rapidly, marketing through social media platforms has become more or less a critical factor for the success of brands. The latest statistics of the year shows that 77% of social media marketers find SMM to be very effective for their brand this year. Also, they feel short-form videos are the best content format currently followed by live streaming, audio chatrooms, user-generated content, etc. 

Social Media And Consumer Behavior 

Statistics show that social media is slowly becoming a make-or-break factor when people make a buying decision. Around 51% of people agree that they like to read reviews on social media before they decide to buy a product. Buyers are more likely to put trust in unfiltered reviews from users who have already bought the product. Another research says that product research is one of the reasons for a whopping 76% of internet users to go on social media platforms. 

Brand Connection With Customers

Any digital marketer will agree that social media is indeed a great way to reach out to target customers. Apart from building a personal connection, social media is becoming the right space for establishing and building a strong connection between the customer and brands. More than 90% of customers agree that social media allows them to quickly communicate with businesses. Around 43% of users admit that social media is one of the major sources of information regarding what to buy. Moreover, customers are six times more likely to make a positive buying decision that has user-generated content. 

Brand Advertisements Through Social Media

Well, many users don’t want to see social media ads. But statistics show that social media ads are incredibly effective. When more than half of the world’s population are users of social media, there is no way brands can avoid spending on social media ads. The social media ad spending is expected to reach $173billion by the end of this year. With social media algorithms getting smarter, it has become a challenge for marketers to reach their goals in organic ways. Furthermore, the advent of social commerce has given a push to marketers to improve their social ad spending. 

The Boom of Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has already proven to be hugely effective for brands to improve their conversion rates. Regardless of whether small or big, more brands are trying out influencer marketing tactics for reaching out to customers and establishing a brand connection. The Trend Report 2022 of Instagram says that 80% of Gen Z believe that social media influencers have more influence when compared with traditional celebrities. Consequently, it is projected that 72.5% of marketers in the US will likely add influencer marketing to their strategy this year. 

The Best Social Media Platforms As Per Demographics 

As mentioned above, Facebook from Meta is the top platform for marketers followed by YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. TikTok has reported a YOY growth of 142% in July 2022 compared to the previous year. The company agrees that 80% of its user base is aged between 16-34. The largest user pool for Facebook is males between 25-34.

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