TikTok Content Ideas For Small Businesses To Boost Engagement

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TikTok is the biggest social media platform in the world, only after Facebook and Instagram. It has revolutionized the way we consume video content. It has become one of the most downloaded apps in the last few years. In the last quarter of 2021, TikTok has over 1.2 billion users. As per predictions, the social network will have around 105 billion users by 2022. 

According to data from TikTok, 80% of users belong to the age group 16 to 34. And 60% of the users are between the ages of 16-24. Also, around 60% of TikTok users are Gen Z. In other words, TikTok is the right social media platform for businesses that target Gen Z customers. 

TikTok offers various opportunities for small businesses to promote their products or services. From influencer marketing to creating viral content, there are multiple ways to market your business using TikTok. It helps in improving brand awareness, boosting user engagement, offering customer service, and more. The platform offers different types of advertisement opportunities as well.

If done right, TikTok helps businesses grow your businesses. Here are a few content ideas you can add to your marketing strategy for TikTok.  

Add How-To Videos

TikTok content ideas for social media platform for short bite-sized videos. However, it allows you to create videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes. People like to watch short creative tutorials or how-to videos. It provides value to the customers and keeps the users engaged. You can add such videos that are someway related to your product or service. 

For example, if you are a small business owner selling craft supplies, you can do how-to videos on creating different crafts. Or if you are selling planters online, you can add gardening videos. 

Do Product Demonstration Videos

TikTok is the right platform for showing off the products of your brand. You can create bite-sized videos about how your product works. It won’t help much if you put direct product demonstration videos. Try to add a bit of creativity and make videos that educate about your product while entertaining and engaging the user. 

Do Live Streaming 

Like many other social media platforms, TikTok allows you to do live streaming. There are different fun things to spruce up your live stream. 

You can use it to interact with your audience once in a while. Or you can organize a Q&A session with your audience on TikTok which allows you to connect with your target group personally. You can do a live streaming video about the behind-the-scenes of the videos you post. Or do an intro video about your team. There are countless ideas for live streaming videos. 

Post Your Daily Routine 

You can create videos on various routine tasks from the workspace. It will give insights into your brand and the work culture. You can make videos on simple tasks such as a brunch routine with your teammates or how you manage your to-do lists, the behind-the-scene videos of shoots, etc. You can take trivial things in your workspace and make interesting videos for TikTok. Giving a personal touch to the videos helps in boosting engagement.  

Do Sneak Peek Videos

Are you planning for a new product launch? Make a series of sneak peek videos to build curiosity about your upcoming products. It has multiple benefits. Firstly, sneak peek videos help to increase the reach of your brand. It is an effective way to build awareness about the product. It can be used to raise awareness about the various steps involved in creating the product which will help customers to build a connection with the brand.  

Share New Finds 

Want to connect with your customers personally? Add videos about your interests or hobbies. You can add new finds of your interest as well. When you watch a new show or travel to a new location or read a new inspiring book, post it as a video.

Such videos help your TikTok page to have diversity in content. It helps to humanize your brand. If you don’t want to talk on camera, you can use images for such videos. 

Do Informational Videos

Everyone likes to watch tips and tricks videos. Such videos often get shared and become viral. Make informational videos on topics that have some relevance to your brand. It will help you to position yourself as an expert in the concerned industry. For example, if you have a service-based business in the real estate industry, do informational videos like tips on home improvement, home loan application, etc. 

Include Team Introductions 

To better humanize your brand, you can add videos that introduce your team. You can create a series of videos about your teammates and how they work together as a team. You can add the day-to-day operations at the workspace and how each one of them contributes to making the end product reach the customer. 

Create Unique Challenges 

A lot of brands have introduced TikTok challenges to boost engagement and increase brand awareness. Challenges are a fun and unique way to catch the attention of your target group. You can participate in challenges that have gone viral or you can come up with interesting challenges. Make sure the challenges are easy to replicate and not dangerous. If done right, challenges have the potential to become viral and boost brand awareness significantly. 

Add Videos of Celebrations 

Have a birthday or a team member coming up? Did someone in the team graduate recently? Or have the team crossed a new milestone? Let the reason be anything, celebrations are a part of good work culture. Making videos about small celebrations in your daily life forms valuable content for TikTok. 

Also, you can include celebrations of special occasions relevant to your brand. For example, if you are selling organic food products, you can consider world vegetarian day as a special occasion. Add videos before and after the celebration for boosting engagement. 

 Introduce Story Series

Who doesn’t like to listen to stories? Make videos that tell your viewers interesting stories about your brand or even from your personal life. If you are a self-made entrepreneur, you can share the inspiration, motivation, and struggles you had gone through to create such a brand. You can share stories of your experiences with employees, how you grabbed your first customer, the people who inspired you, and much more.

Work With An Influencer

Partnering with an influencer is another way to create TikTok content. You can make use of the influencer’s unique style and creativity to improve your brand reach. You can get influencers to promote your product through their videos or make them do product reviews. 

When you choose an influencer, make sure you are working with someone who caters to your target audience. Make sure they are a good fit for your brand’s values. Rather than being controlling, give the influencer the required freedom to come up with creative content for promoting your product. Also, measure the impact and make changes in your TikTok influencer marketing strategy accordingly to optimize ROI.

Introduce A Custom Filter

On social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, you can add lenses or AR filters for adding special effects to your images and videos. If you have a strong design team, you can add a custom filter to boost brand awareness. It works well if you are planning for a major event or occasion. It allows you to have tons of user-generated content on your page.

Run Special Contests For Tiktok

In this age of social media marketing, authenticity is a much-needed trait for making a business successful. User-generated content help business builds brand authenticity. It improves user engagement massively and helps in building loyal customers for your brand. Also, it is a cost-effective way of producing content. 

You can run creative contests to generate user-based content on TikTok. For example, you can ask the contest participants to post videos on how they creatively use your brand’s products. 

Include Calming or Relaxing Videos

Because TikTok largely caters to Gen Z, it doesn’t mean the content needs to be vibrant or loud always. There is a demand for videos that gives a relaxing or soothing feel to the viewers. You can make videos that give a sense of relaxation to the viewers. 

For example, you can make creative visuals of your well-decorated home garden with soothing music in the background. Or you can add visuals of painting something or mixing colors. Or rain droplets falling on a glass surface make a good video. Remember sometimes simple videos get more engagement from your followers. 

Let’s Create A Winning Marketing Strategy For TikTok

Creativity has no limits when it comes to content creation for TikTok. At Fresh Content Society, we help brands unleash the power of social media to build their business. We help you create impressive content that aligns with your marketing goals. 

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