Top 10 Highest Paid TikTok Videos of All Time


TikTok needs no introduction. Since its launch in 2016, the short video posting platform has clocked a billion monthly users in September 2021. It is indeed one of the biggest software networks ever released in the world. 


Whether we like it or not, the platform has largely influenced the features of other social media networks as well. It has influenced the other major social media platform like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Short videos and live streaming of videos have become a trend all over the digital world. 

Which TikTok Videos Have Highest Number of Views?

Are you planning to explore the marketing opportunities offered by TikTok? Before you kickstart your TikTok marketing strategies, it would be interesting to know what kind of videos get the best viewership on TikTok. The platform has a plethora of interesting videos. From optical illusions to adventurous challenges, and hilarious to informative videos, it has something for everyone. In this blog, we have made a list of TikTok videos with the greatest number of viewers.  

And TikTok started paying its creators from the Creator Fund back in the August of 2020. The creator would be paid around 0.025 cents to 0.03 cents per 1000 views. In other words, the creators get paid according to the number of views for the video. 

Let’s take a quick look at the highest paid or the most viewed videos on TikTok.

1. Zach King’s Magic Ride

Zach King is no stranger to TikTok followers. He is an American-based filmmaker and illusionist who has taken the internet by storm in the last few years. He is a famous creator on TikTok with a huge number of fan followers. Not to mention he is one of the highest-earning TikTok stars on the platform. 

In one of his most-viewed videos, he seems like flying on an object that looks like a magic broom. However, you will notice that he is simply skating with a board in his hands. Given the video editing skills and optical effects, the video is mind-blowing. No wonder it is on the top of the list of highest-paid videos on TikTok.

2. James Charles Christmas Sister’s Party

James Charles has been entertaining people with his incredible makeup skills for quite some time. With more than 36 million fan followers on TikTok, he is one of the top content creators on the platform. His make-up transformation videos, dance videos, and collaborations with other celebrities have garnered quite a lot of viewership on the social media platform. 

Surprisingly, the video that gave him the credit for the most-watched videos on TikTok has nothing to do with beauty. This video is a snippet of his sister’s Christmas party in 2019. The transitions in the video have made it worth a watch. Talking about numbers, the video has more than 1.7 billion views. 

3. Zach King’s Hide and Seek Illusion

Zach King’s videos repeat on the list of most-watched TikTok videos. The third in the list features the illusionist finding his hide-and-seek friends in the least expected places. Many viewers might feel perplexed watching this video. There are several confusing scenes in it. For example, when Zach King walks right through the mirror. Whatever it is, the video has clocked over 1.1 billion views and 9.5 million people have liked it. 

4. Zach King’s Glass and Cake Illusion

Another most-watched video is again from Zach King. The fourth on the list is his video in which Zack is seen pouring water into a glass. The video has gained around 966.4 million views and is soon to hit a billion mark. It earns him around $24,000 and $29,000In the video, Zach is seen pouring water into a glass. Like many other videos of Zach, this one also has a surprising twist in the end. The glass of water is just a glass-like cake. We don’t know about the editing techniques he uses to make the illusion effect, but it’s quite fascinating to watch.  

5. ‘M To The B’ video of Bella Porch

The ‘M To The B’ video by Bella Porch is perhaps the most liked video on TikTok. However, it is in the fifth position on the most-watched videos list on TikTok. The video has over 683.4 million views and has around 56.8 million likes She is a famous content creator from the Philippines. The video shows the creator lip-syncing and bopping her head to the rhythm of the viral Millie B song. The video is so entertaining that anyone watching it will start bopping their head to the beat. 

Whether it’s just some advanced video editing skills or a sprinkle of optical effects, the video is well worth.

6. Wet Wall Illusion of Zach King

Zach’s illusion videos are quite popular on TikTok. The next on the list is the video in which he is painting a wall. The video which was posted in October 2019 has over 659 million views and still counting. There is always a surprise when Zach King creates a video. In the wall painting video, he uses optical effects that make the viewers wonder about the difference between the wall and the passageway. 

7. Dancing video of Jamie32bish to Nelly Furtado’s ‘Say it Right’

Jamie32bish is the TikTok account of Jamie Sorrel Horse. He is a Native American content creator and influencer on the social media platform. The factor that makes his videos stand out is their ordinariness. His videos and simple and had fewer pretensions which is perhaps the reason that made him TikTok’s favorite person. The video in which he is seen lip-syncing and dancing to Nelly Furtado’s ‘Say it Right’ has garnered attention from TikTok stars and celebrities all over the world. Its viewership has crossed over 421.3 million already.  

8. The Smiling Baby Video of Daeox

There is no doubt that everyone likes to watch videos of adorable babies. The video of a cute baby smiling posted by Daeox is next on the list of most viewed videos on TikTok. Also, it is the most liked video on the social media platform with a whopping 35 million. Dae Warner is the person behind the Daexo account. This charming video of her baby smiling is sure to melt your mind. It has clocked over 392.4 million views. Later the same video was reposted a week later which amassed another 74 million views. 

9. ‘How To Open A Car Door’ By Khaby Lame

Khaby, the well-known content creator from Senegal, is popular with his videos on life hacks. With more than 134 million followers, he is one of the most followed content creators on TikTok. Through his videos, he conveys the message that life doesn’t need to be complicated. In the specific video which has 350.3 million views, the creator gives a quick tutorial on checking if there’s a car driving past from behind before you open the door. All you need to do is lower the mirror and look out. It is a hilarious take on the ‘mirror hack’. And guess what? The creator earns around $7000 to $10,500 from the TikTok Creator Fund.

10. Time Warp Scan of Billie Eilish

The last on the list of Top 10 Highest Paid TikTok Videos is the Time Warp scan filter. It is created by Billie Eilish, an established songwriter, and musician. She has taken the social media platform by storm since joining it. The teenager is one of the most liked creators on the network. A unique factor about this specific video is that it was the creator’s first-ever video posted on TikTok. It has garnered a viewership of 348 million on the social media platform.

TikTok For Small Businesses 

TikTok has become the most powerful social media tool for small businesses as well. It works as an amazing platform for businesses to explore creative marketing activities. It helps businesses to grab the attention of the Millennial generation as well as Gen Z quickly. 

When it comes to improving user engagement, TikTok offers the best solution. Multiple ways of advertisements are possible in TikTok – TopView Ads, Brand Takeover Ads, In-feed Ads, Hashtag Challenges, Branded Effects, etc. With its great features, TikTok has evolved to be the best platform for improving customer engagement and brand reach. 

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