9 Types of Video Content For Your Social Media Pages

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Well, it’s the age of video marketing. It is no surprise that video content gives more traction than any other form of content in the current marketing scenario. In fact, marketers cannot think of building a prolific social media strategy after excluding videos. As per the latest social media statistics, videos are the most clicked-on advertisement format on Facebook. It is 40% more likely to be shared on social media than other content types. 

Other than the statistics, there are very good reasons why brands should focus on video content for social media. It is the best way to grab the attention of your target population, entice them with the content, and drive conversion rates. It helps in humanizing the brand and showing off your brand values. Also, it is easily possible to monitor the results of the video through likes, shares, and comments. 

However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for social media videos. Each platform requires a different approach considering its characteristics and target population of it. For example, you cannot approach LinkedIn and TikTok using the same video content strategy. While LinkedIn is more for professionals, TikTok has a young population who would like to view visually exciting content. 

While creating video content for social media, there are different factors to consider. If you are running short of content ideas for social media videos, we have got you covered. Here are a few social media video ideas that might be useful for your brand. 

How-to Videos 

Videos are the best when you want to learn to do something new. A how-to video works like an online tutorial that will educate viewers on a particular topic. It can be a simple video that shows how to create something, how to use a particular product, or how to complete a specific task. People like to watch such videos and they are often ranked high in search engines. By using the right keywords and phrases, how-to videos can create value for your brand, provided it is comprehensive and credible. 

Behind the Scenes

People like to know what’s happening behind the screen. You can improve the views and engagement rate by giving a glimpse of what’s happening at the workplace. You can use BTS videos for showing off the company culture or introducing people who work for the brand. Not only it helps to create engagement but also helps in humanizing the brand. It helps to establish an emotional connection with your followers. 

Explainer Videos 

Explainer videos are those videos that explain something to the viewers. If done authentically, explainer videos get good viewership and engagement rates. Customers are more likely to watch videos to understand a product or service. You can do explainer videos on product features or you can use explainer videos to explain a subject that has some relevance to your brand. However, make sure the videos are short as most of the viewers scroll through the social media feeds and have short attention span. 

Customer Testimonials 

Customer reviews are necessary to build an authentic image of your brand. Not only it improves brand trust and credibility but also works as social proof. Customer reviews are one of the main factors that influence the buying decision of a prospective customer. You can create short videos on customer testimonials for your social media feeds. Since it is user-generated content, it works as an effective medium for marketing your brand. 

Product Launch

There is nothing new in creating videos around product launches or feature announcements. It is a simple way to keep your current customers engaged and grab the attention of the target group. However, you should make such videos more exciting when you are doing it for social media. At the same time, it should not be sounding too salesy. If done excitingly, product launches and feature announcement videos make a good content piece that derives value for the brand. 

Live Stream 

When you talk about the current trends of social media marketing, you cannot exclude live streaming. It is an effective, impactful, and cost-effective way of creating wider participation and engagement from the target audience. Since all major social media platforms provide live streaming features, people are more used to it now, especially in the post-pandemic period. It allows brands to create a personal connection with the audience. 

Q And A Sessions

Another video content that significantly boosts engagement rate is question-and-answer sessions. It allows you to build exclusive content which can show off your brand expertise. Moreover, you can create videos of having conversations with team members, thought leaders, and even your customers. For improving engagement, you can ask your followers to post questions beforehand. If you are comfortable addressing questions from your followers live, that is a great way to keep your audience engaged with your brand. 

Challenge Videos

It needs no explanation. It is asking a participant to record a particular task that often involves a popular challenge and post it online. The ice bucket challenge was one of the most popular challenge videos on social media. It is a quick way for making your content go viral. If you focusing on TikTok and your target customers are youngsters, creating challenge videos is a great idea. 

Case Study Videos

Case study videos are a step further than explainer videos. It explains how your product or service has specifically helped another business solve a business challenge. We have already seen numerous blogs that explain case studies. It can be done in video format too and attract prospective customers. If you are working on promoting B2B business, it is a good content idea that gives much traction. 

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