8 Video Optimization Tips For Better Rankings on Youtube


When we talk about the various trends that would dominate the digital marketing space in the coming years, video marketing can never be excluded. It has become an integral part of the digital marketing strategy for small businesses and large organizations alike. According to the marketing statistics for 2022, 93% of brands have reported having an increased customer base by including videos in their social media content strategy.

Using video as a marketing tool gives numerous benefits for businesses. It can quickly convey messages than text content. It can evoke emotions in the viewers quickly and inspire them to take action. For brands that want to establish an emotional connection with the target customers, video marketing is the best tool. It will boost interaction and connectivity with the customers which will result in increased conversions. In a nutshell, a well-framed video marketing strategy allows businesses to build a strong impression of your brand and help you achieve the sales target you aim for. 

Apart from the major benefits, videos help to improve your page rankings as well. By taking advantage of video SEO tips, you can improve the visibility of videos and make them come on top of search engine pages. In this blog, we list a few tips for optimizing the videos you post on YouTube, the top video streaming platform. 

Pick Up The Right Keyword 

Similar to Google search engines, the search engine page results on YouTube are based on the queries that users search for. The video rankings are influenced by multiple factors such as the title, description, and video content match with reference to the user’s query. Moreover, it evaluates the watch time and engagement rate of videos to build the search page results. You have to do some research to understand the keywords that people are searching for. Or you can use the YouTube Search Suggest tool to understand the top search queries related to the video. 

Have Catchy Titles And Thumbnails 

It would be a no-brainer that users are most likely to click on the videos if the title is catchy. While your users are browsing on YouTube, titles and thumbnails are the first things that they see. The viewer decides whether to watch the video or not depending on the titles and thumbnails. It should describe the content of the video accurately. If the user watches most of it or completely, YouTube understands that the user is enjoying the video. If more users are stopping the video immediately, the platform takes it as a red flag. The takeaway is to make sure the videos carry relevant titles and thumbnails. 

Use Right Descriptions 

After the titles and thumbnails, it is the description that helps the viewer decides whether to watch the video or not. It is incredibly useful to understand and learn about the videos. If done right, it can build curiosity and excitement about the content and motivate the user to watch the video. Each video should have a unique description and the first line should have a description of the video. 

Use Relevant Hashtags

Another way to improve the search visibility of your YouTube videos is by adding related hashtags. You should use hashtags that have clear relevance to your brand. Do not use false hashtags to increase viewers as it can lead to bad than good. Moreover, keep the maximum number of hashtags to fifteen.  

Add Youtube Cards And End Screens

YouTube Cards are interactive cards that encourage users to take an action. You can use such preformatted notifications to prompt users to take the desired action. It will appear on the top-right of the videos which users can click on. Not only it encourages users to take an action but also boosts the rankings. A video can have up to five cards. Furthermore, you can add end screens that would appear at the end of the video. The end screens can carry CTAs like viewing other videos or channels, subscribing to your channels, or exploring other merchandise. 

User Engagement 

Another factor that influences video rankings is the engagement that the video receives. It includes multiple factors such as the number of likes, dislikes, comments, shares, etc. If the viewers are engaging with the videos, they will most likely come on top of the search pages. When there is a lot of engagement in the video, the algorithms understand the videos are useful for the viewers. 

Maintain Consistency 

When it comes to social media marketing, consistency is one of the top traits for success. Make sure you add videos on a regular schedule so that the brand remains on top of the minds of the viewers. If you follow a routine publishing schedule, people will know when to expect the next video.   

Monitor The Performance

To optimize the ROI of video marketing, you should monitor the performance of each video. If you fail to track the progress, you miss out on the opportunities to improve. By using analytics, you will know what type of videos are giving you the best results and what should be avoided. There are multiple metrics that you can use to track the progress of the videos. For example, you can track the watch time which is a major ranking factor. By tracking the watch time, you can understand how much time the users are spending on the videos. Impressions click-through rate is another important metric that lets you understand whether people watch the video when it shows on the homepage or recommendations. 

The Bottom Line

In the current scenario, videos are an essential and excellent marketing tool to reach your goals. If you are looking for ways to improve your video marketing strategy, look no further. Our team at FCS can assist you. We are a full-fledged social media management company with a global clientele. We help small and medium businesses reach their marketing goals by unleashing the power of social media. 

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