Is Your Social Media Marketing Not Working?

What is A Social Media Audit?
A social media audit determines if your social media strategy is working or not working.

What Is The Process Of An Audit?
Our process is simple. We have you fill out our custom made audit form that allows us to review your current social media strategy and then our team of experts will research and provide tangible recommendations to help you optimize your efforts.

What Is Included In A Social Media Audit?
The audit includes the following in a deck format:
- Channel maintenance review
- Content analysis
- Community management efforts
- Paid media analysis
- Competitor stack
- Recommendations

How Long Does It Take To Do An Audit?
It takes about 5 business days in total.

Can You Help Implement And Grow Our Business?
We can get manage your day to day social media communities and or campaigns. We've planned and executed tons of highly successful social media campaigns, all of which are built with an extreme attention to ROI in mind.

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