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Fresh Content Society is an award winning social media management company dedicated to helping local and global brands increase engagement, impressions, audience size, and that all leads to more sales. We are your in-house social media management team that lives and breaths the social media ecosystem everyday. 

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Fresh Socially Relevant Content

FCS is rooted in content. We create and produce thumb stopping content that is channel specific, socially relevant, and engaging. We take a custom approach to our content strategy that focuses on organic and paid with an emphasis on amazing visuals and copy! Below are post examples and content on various channels. 

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Our Services

In-House Social Media Management

We are your in-house social media management team. 

Social Media Audit + Playbook

If you don't have a social media strategy or your current social media strategy is not working, let our social media strategist develop your business a playbook to provide you a game plan on the best ways to leverage social media that will make an impact for your business.

Social Media & Paid Media Strategy

With our proven track record delivering high performance driven social media campaigns, FCS can help your business with channel strategy, content strategy, campaign strategy, influencer strategy, competitive analysis, community strategy, and tracking strategy.

Organic & Paid Media Content

Content for social media is very specific and even more specific at a channel level. Our team of social media content creators design and produce content for all the social media channels and optimized to visually standout on the timelines and that the copy is written to engage your customers in a meaningful way.

Community Management

You should not be on social media unless you have a community manager. Our team of community managers not only are on the front lines for our clients, but also building relationships with influencers, media, and customers that provides 1-1 interaction to scale. We do offer 254/7/365 monitoring services.

Paid Media Management

Our paid media experts are day traders of paid media. We monitor our ad campaigns daily to optimize performance and maximize your dollars to yield the highest ROI based on the campaign goals.

Influencer Management

Whether you are looking for a test campaign with an influencer or a full fledged annual ambassador program, our approach is to identify the right influencer for your business that targets your customer and maximizes the partnership with the influencer(s) to deliver great results for our clients.

Analytics / Reporting

Everything we do is deep rooted in channel data that is used to make informed decisions for our clients to improve performance on an ongoing basis.

Campaign Strategy + Management

If you are looking for a social media campaign (contest, giveaway, sweepstakes, influencer) let our team of experts develop a winning plan that we can also manage as well.

"Amazing marketing and good communication. Highly Recommend!"
Thanasi Loukas
"Top Notch Social Media Specialist. Helped me grow my social media presence and that has transpired into real business leads and sales. Helps me stay relevant in a cluttered landscape."
Alexander Blum
"Got my law firm involved in social media and I couldn't be happier with the results!!!"
Hal Emalfarb