Manny's Deli

Manny’s Deli
Since its inception in 1942, Manny’s Deli is hailed to be one of Chicago’s staples, you can’t visit the place without stopping by and trying one of their iconic sandwiches. A go-to spot for a foodie, that’s for sure!

The Challenge

This famed restaurant was no exception to the series of unfortunate events that the Coronavirus has brought upon the world. Due to the restrictions and for the safety of its staff, Chicago shut down restaurants temporarily for indoor dining. This family-owned eatery relies heavily on its local and tourist patronage but since the pandemic, the business took a big hit.

The Solution

Since the restrictions, physical encounters with its patrons became impossible. Because of this given fact, the only platform to turn to was Social Media. FCS utilized and maximized its Twitter reach and following by sending out a heartfelt tweet that tugged at netizens' heartstrings which led to national media coverage later on. Indeed, influence is about being genuine.

The Result

With just one tweet fueled by sincerity, FCS managed to increase sales up to 1,500% that was sustained for 90+ days, with over 500,000+ engagements across all channels and media pickup, a total of 500 million impressions, and staggering national media coverage.

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