PEAK Auto stands out from the rest by diversifying their ranks with excellent talents and strengthening the brand that’s truly fueled by passion. True to their words, ‘ Our engines run on independence.’.

The Challenge

From gathering insights to advertising products, Instagram has become the perfect playground for business to grow and interact with their audience. This fast-paced social media platform comes with challenges but the benefits outweigh this matter. For this project, FCS’ main objective was to drive attention and engagement on PEAKS’s Instagram platform.

The Solution

Our strategy was to execute a holiday giveback program supporting Toys for Tots and helping children less fortunate to get holiday toys- this goes without saying, what nourishes a child’s childhood are fond holiday memories! The participate, the audience was asked to leave a comment on a post to virtually donate. Also, maximizing the reach of top automotive influences to amplify the campaign.

The Result

Taking advantage of trends has always been FCS’ strength. With the emergence of TikTok, we’ve managed to obtain 2,000% increase in our followers in the said platform. With over 13,000,000+ impressions and 2,000,000+ interactions we’ve manage to increase our social media presence.

Top Notch Social Media Specialist. Helped me grow my social media presence and that has transpired into real business leads and sales. Helps me stay relevant in a cluttered landscape.