True Value

True Value
With their massive reach and clientele, a solid social media strategy is their weapon to surpass their competitors and keep up with the trends.

The Challenge

Behind a great brand is an even greater PR Agency to promote their products and broaden their reach. Unfortunately, they lost their PR Agency to a competitor and was looking for a team with fresh set of eyes to analyze their strategy and give their take on what works and what doesn’t, and FCS was the perfect fit for the job!

The Solution

FCS was tasked to look at the brand’s current social media strategy and provide recommendations that will aid them in the long run by spotting practices and methods that can either be beneficial or detrimental for the brand. With a thorough search, FCS provided a deck of recommendations to drive audience growth, engagement and more sales to the e-commerce store and local stores. It was found that these factors, once strategized and implemented alongside a fitting campaign will drive in the engagement they need.

The Result

With the recommendations FCS provided and implemented, True Value saw a 6,000% increase in engagement, 500% increase in audience size, and 200% more traffic to their website.

Top Notch Social Media Specialist. Helped me grow my social media presence and that has transpired into real business leads and sales. Helps me stay relevant in a cluttered landscape.