Travelcenters of America

Travelcenters Of America
With the belief that no traveller is the same, the center caters to needs of thousands a day! To better serve their clientele, they decided to revamp their image by hiring a team that puts customer’s sentiments first and foremost.

The Challenge

With the goal of refreshing and revamping their brand and sites, FCS was given the task of helping them change customer sentiment on their social media platforms from mostly negative comments to positive. Since a brand’s core strength should always be the community they serve. By partnering with FCS, Travelcenters of America aims to increase brand relevance and engagement with their current and new audience.

The Solution

In able to reconstruct their image and sites, FCS came up with a strategic content plan tailored to provide the results they wanted. With influencer campaigns, a solid community management plan that ensure engagement with actual customers, paid social amplification and social media campaigns targeting the right niche.

The Result

With the goal of turning the negative insights into positive ones, in the first 90 days we generated a viral Facebook post that generated over 300,000 video views and a post that yielded no negative comments and ensured a 800% in post engagement.

Top Notch Social Media Specialist. Helped me grow my social media presence and that has transpired into real business leads and sales. Helps me stay relevant in a cluttered landscape.