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Strategy (Audit + Playbook)

Our proven strategies and formulas have generated viral campaigns and success for our clients. Let our strategist help provide your business a foundation and game plan to get on a path to increase your audience size, impressions, engagement, and sales.

Creative (Strategy + Production)

Our team of content creators design and produce content tailored for each social media channel and is optimized to stand out on timelines visually and compose copy written to engage your customers and audience in a meaningful way.

Community Management

FCS offers 24/7 community management services. Our community management team is on the front lines of monitoring, engaging, and protecting your brand online. We offer a reactive and proactive solution to build meaningful relationships with your customers.

Analytics / Reporting

Everything we do is deep rooted in channel data that is used to make informed decisions for our clients to improve performance on an ongoing basis. FCS offers owned and competitive reporting on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Paid Media Strategy

To get the most out of paid media ads, your brand should have an allocated budget and action plan. Multiple approaches are possible in your paid media strategy; hence, working with a reliable digital marketing team is essential to optimize the ROI and maximize your budget.

Paid Media Management

Our paid media experts are day traders of paid media. We monitor our ad campaigns daily to optimize performance and maximize your dollars to yield the highest ROI based on the campaign goals. FCS does not take a set it and forget it approach to our media buying.

Influencer Management

With influencers, our approach is to identify the perfect influencer for your business that engages your customer and maximizes the partnership results between the influencer and your brand. FCS identifies, negotiates, manages, and reports on the campaign.

Campaign Management + Strategy

Have an extensive activation coming up and need to ensure your company executes to the best of its ability? Our team of Account Managers and Content Creators will ensure nothing falls through the cracks and everything meets and exceeds your expectations.