How to Write Engaging Social Media Copy

Social media is where businesses connect with their target audience. One of the major goals of any social media strategy is to create engagement with the community. And effective copywriting is essential to create engagement on social media. Though product visuals, brand aesthetics, graphic design, etc. help to grab the attention of your target group, text content is what prompts the customer to take action. 

If you are wondering how to write engaging social media copies, this blog is for you. Before the tips, let’s first understand why should you create engaging social media copies. 

The Benefits of Writing Engaging Social Media Copy 

The social media copy you post on your social media pages is a make-or-break factor for your brand image. If you are writing sloppy content, customers will more likely consider your brand lackadaisical. On the other hand, writing engaging social media copies help your brand stand out on the social networking platforms and turn the followers into customers. 

If your social media content is engaging, it will lead to increased web traffic. Generating more web traffic can eventually improve your conversion rate. One of the surveys conducted among small businesses points out that 85% of the brands get new customers using social media. While the images you use are important, the copy you write is what takes the customer journey forward. 

9 Tips For Creating An Engaging Social Media Copy

Right from the number of words to the style of writing, there are multiple factors to be considered when crafting a social media copy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you type a Facebook post or draft a tweet for Twitter for your business next time. 

Start With A Captivating First Line

Facebook and Instagram, the two most popular social media platforms, get around 243,055 posts and 65000 photos respectively every minute. Social media is flooded with posts and visuals. To cut through the clutter and grab the attention of your target audience, you need to come up with an eye-catching first line. 

While you write a social media copy, the first goal is to make your audience stop scrolling with your post. Your audience might be casually scrolling through the content. They will hardly stop to read about your products or services. Instead, they will most likely be curious about your business when they see a powerful or captivating first line. Also, make sure the copy sync with the visuals you post. 

Keep The Length Short

The length of the social media copy is another important factor to consider for boosting customer engagement. It is no news that shorter videos receive more engagement on social media. 

Ideally, the length of an organic post is 80 characters or less. Studies show such posts receive 66% higher engagement. As you know Facebook holds back lengthy posts using ellipses and users have to click on the ‘See more’ button to read it completely. For paid posts, Facebook allows you to have a headline, main text, and description. Try to keep a headline of 5 words, the main text of 14 words, and a description of 18 words. 

Focus On A Goal

For any social media activity, you should have a clear-cut goal. Similarly, your social media copies should be written based on what you want to achieve. When you create a social post, you might be aiming for multiple goals such as improving conversion rates, boosting engagement, increasing brand reach, etc. 

While you do copy for social media, the best way is to break the goal further and stick on to one simple goal. When you are clear about your goal, you can compel the reader to take action accordingly. You can link the goal to the CTA as well. For example, if you are doing an event promotion post, you can use the call to action – ‘Register for the event now’ or something similar. 

Keep It Casual

People consider Facebook and Instagram as spaces where they can socialize and connect with friends or family. When you draft copies for such platforms, it is good to follow a casual tone.

Preferably, you should keep the social media copy short, crisp, and casual. You don’t need to be grammar police while you write for social media. You can make use of fun elements like emojis for better engagement. However, make sure the language syncs with the brand’s image and tone. 

Use Emojis For Better Engagement

Emojis are everywhere in our online conversations these days. Using emojis in marketing copies offers several benefits. It helps the brand to connect with the audience on a deeper level. Also, it adds a human touch to the conversations and makes them relatable to the customer. 

By using emojis in copies, you can evoke the emotion that complements your brand voice. Apart from that, emojis can boost user engagement significantly. Research shows that emojis can increase engagement levels by 57% if done right. Also, push notifications with emojis are more likely to be opened by users. It shows a 9% increase in conversion rates as well.  

Regardless of the platform, you can make use of emojis for marketing advantage. And there are numerous emojis available these days. However, overdoing emojis or using inappropriate emojis will do more harm than good. Make sure you understand the meaning of the emojis before using them. Moreover, choose emojis depending on the audience demographics and the social media platform you post. 

Write Differently For Each Platform

All social media platforms are not the same. People use it for different purposes. While Facebook is used for socialization, Twitter is generally used for sharing timely news. LinkedIn is for professional networking while Instagram is for sharing images mostly. The point is when you write social media copy for each platform, you should be clear about why are people using it.

When you want to engage your audience, the copy you write should be based on what they want to see. Keep in mind who uses the platform and why they use it so that you can create engaging copies. Also, the length of the copy, word choices, call-to-action statements, etc. will differ according to the platform.

Make Wise Use of Hashtags 

When it comes to social media, hashtags help to group conversations together. It helps people to easily find content that they are interested to read about. Using hashtags on your social media copies can dramatically improve your brand reach and user engagement. 

After all, the basic intention of social media is to connect and have two-sided conversations. Rather than posting self-promotional content, you need to engage your audience. Hashtags help to encourage your users to share their opinion on topics relevant to your brand. Also, you can use branded hashtags for improving brand exposure. 

However, make sure you are not using hashtags randomly. Try to create niche hashtags that are easy to spell and remember. And do not use too many hashtags on a single post. Keep the maximum number of hashtags to be nine.  

Understand How Algorithms Work  

The algorithms of social media platforms are getting smarter day by day. It decides what your audience sees, what order they see, and more. It evaluates how often the user engages with your post, the frequency of posts, the number of followers for your brand, the type of posts, etc. for giving a better user experience.  

The algorithm places posts with more engagement at the top of the news feed on major social media platforms. In other words, the posts need to be engaging to reap the various benefits of social media. Having a grasp of how the algorithm works in each of the social media platforms helps you figure out the ways to increase exposure. While you draft copies, keep in mind what gets favored by the algorithms. 

Maintain Consistency Across Platforms 

For building a strong online presence, it is essential to keep your brand voice consistent. Be it visuals, graphics, or copywriting, you should maintain a consistent brand experience. Further, you can audit the platforms once in a while to check the consistency in delivery and frequency of the posts. 

Not only does it help in brand recognition, but also helps to establish a connection with the users. It improves authenticity and encourages users to engage with your posts as well. 

Wrapping Up

There is a flood of information on social media platforms. To make your brand stand out in the crowd, you need to come up with engaging social media posts. The social media copies you write should be conversational and approachable to your target audience. We wish the tips mentioned above help you while curating social media copies. 

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