The Must-Have Steps in Your Social Media Audit

A proper social media audit is the first step to creating a fruitful social media strategy. It is an integral part of social media agency services. Conducting a social media audit helps you analyze whether your social media strategy aligns with your business goal. It helps you understand what type of content gives the maximum benefits. Though it might find it time-consuming to do social media audit, you can make it quick and efficient with the right tools and standardized methods. Here are a few tips know to make social media audit easier and more efficient. 

Locate All The Existing Social Media Profiles

It might look like a no-brainer for anyone. However, the first step is to collect all the social media profiles. It should have all social media profiles, including the ones which you haven’t updated for years. No matter the state of the social media profiles, you should record it while you do the audit. This might help to discover any hidden opportunities for improving your social media presence. 

Check For Consistency 

After tracking down the various social media accounts, the next step is to check whether the details are filled for creating a complete profile. Make sure you look for consistency across all the channels – be it business information, banner images, or promotions. Also, you should mention the relevant landing page across the networks which will help to streamline the traffic. 

Create Specific Goals 

You can assign specific goals for each network. For example, you can create goals like increasing brand awareness, increasing traffic, generating more leads, and more. Having specific goals for social media can turn helpful when you measure the outcomes of social media campaigns. 

Use A Social Media Analytics Tool

Finally, you can choose a social media analytics tool that allows you to conduct social media audits efficiently. Not only do the tools help you to do a quick audit, but also track all the meaningful metrics including engagement rate, demographics of users, impressions, and more. 

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