What is Social Media Reputation Management, And How To Do It Right?

Online reputation is becoming more important than ever for brands today. Social media has become the space for people to talk and discuss their experiences about using a brand. Subsequently, brand ratings, reviews, and positive comments play a major role when customers make a buying decision. 

It is estimated that 93% of customers make a purchase decision after checking online reviews. Not only do customers check third-party reviews, but also go to the nitty-gritty details of the reviews before making a purchase. Having a strong reputation is integral for keeping your business growing these days. That is why a proper reputation management strategy is becoming important for brands. Let’s understand social media reputation management in detail and a few tips to get it right.

Defining Social Media Reputation Management

Social media reputation management strategy refers to the process you adopt to monitor and manage content generated by users about your brand. It has multiple aspects such as online reputation management, response to comments, review responses, etc. Customers who are satisfied with the product or service will post good reviews which will benefit the brand. However, there is no way you can stop the critics of the brand from posting negative feedback. But you can have a proper strategy to deal with negative comments and reviews while making the best advantage of good ones. 

In today’s world, word-of-mouth publicity happens in the digital world. If you are not taking social media reputation management seriously, it can largely impact the way your target group would perceive your brand. You can either have an in-house team for social media reputation or hire an agency for the purpose. 

5 Important Steps For Handling Your Social Media Reputation 

  • Analyze The Current Social Media Reputation

The starting point to building a proper social media management strategy is to analyze where your brand currently stands. You need to closely monitor the conversations happening around the brand and how people are perceiving your brand. You have to check the social media posts, comments, online reviews, ratings on third-party platforms, mentions in trade journals, and feedback from users which you can collect through surveys, contact forms, emails, etc. Multiple social media listening tools help you monitor the conversations and track the feedback.

  • Have A Review Response System

Once you have gathered the data to understand the current reputation, you can build a fitting strategy for improving it. You can set a guideline on how to respond to negative and positive reviews and comments while managing your social media pages. Though it won’t be difficult to respond to positive reviews, dealing with negative reviews needs a proper outline. Regardless of who is managing the pages, you should have a proper review response strategy to improve the results. 

  • Highlight The Positive Reviews

Leveraging positive reviews and addressing negative feedback is equally important to make your social reputation management strategy effective. While you may have to deal with negative reviews, your brand will most likely have a set of many happy customers. You can use these reviews to feature them on blogs, websites, social media pages, etc. 

  • Resolve Problems Quickly 

Customer reviews help you understand the areas you need to improve to meet their expectations. When you observe a real problem in your product or service, make sure you resolve it quickly. Once you figured out a solution, you can let the customers who had faced the issue know that you’ve taken the necessary steps to fix it. This is one way how you can turn negative reviews into positive ones. 

  • Analyze And Improve 

After trying out your social media reputation management system for a few months, you should track its ROI. There are multiple analytics tools which help you track the sales that you have generated through customer reviews. A proper analysis of your strategy will help you understand how far it worked and identify the areas for improvement. 

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