What To Expect Working With A Social Media Agency

When you start looking for social media help for your business, it’s imperative you have clarity on your goals and it is the agencies job to tell you what you can expect in terms of KPIs. The other important factor is that the scope of work aligns with your budget. When you are price shopping, it shows you are not serious about the project or agency you are speaking to. If you need help determining your budget or what services are available, here are some to start considering:

  • Social Media Strategy – You need an organic and paid strategy that defines your goals, kpis, competitive analysis, content pillars, campaigns, etc.
  • Social Media Management – You need someone to understand social media and lives it, and that person will be responsible for your day to day social media operations.
  • Community Management – Someone needs to be building community and handling customer service and crisis management needs.
  • Content – If you post 3 x week, you need to create 144 social media posts, and that is a lot. Need someone to make you videos, photos, graphics, and platform specific content
  • Influencer/Campaign Management – You know that influencer you want your brand to be associated with, that takes research time and effort to make that happen.
  • Reporting – Need someone to pull and analyze the data ongoing to optimize
Social Media Marketing On Mobile

Point is here you have a lot of services to consider. It’s hard to find a swiss army knife that can do all those services well. That is why we have broken out each department at Fresh Content Society, the best social media agency in the United States. When considering a social media agency, make sure you not only hire based on the capabilities, but who is working on your account day to day. What is the roadmap and plan to provide ongoing optimizations.

Planning Social Media Marketing Plan

For all social media marketing needs, contact Fresh Content Society to design your social media success today. Fresh Content Society is the best social media marketing agency in the United States of America.