8 Video Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Social Media Trends in 2023

They say a picture says a thousand words. When it comes to video, a minute of well-made content is worth a million. No wonder video content is quickly becoming the best marketing strategy. The advancements in technology and change in consumer preferences have given a push to video marketing. It engages both auditory and visual senses which helps in the effective communication of the brand message. It is an affordable, easily accessible, and creative way of promoting your product or service.

What are The Benefits of Video Marketing?

Video streaming has become an indispensable part of digital marketing these days. Apart from engaging people with the brand, the best reason for marketers to choose video is that it optimizes the marketing ROI. It conveys the message more quickly and efficiently than text or graphical content. It evokes emotions authentically which will lead to more conversions. Not only video marketing helps to establish instant reactions but also creates an emotional connection with the brand. 

Furthermore, people can recall the brand message quickly when it is conveyed through video. In 2022, online videos and downloads account for around 82% of the total internet traffic. According to Video Marketing Statistics 2023, 80% of consumers would like to see more videos from businesses. It is high time brands should consider video marketing seriously and create a result-oriented video marketing strategy. 

We have seen a significant shift in the way people consume video in the last couple of years. Social media platforms have largely helped business leverage the benefit of video marketing. Listed below are a few trends that marketers should watch out for in 2023. 

Live Videos At The Centerstage

Live streaming has become much popular form of video marketing now. These days social media algorithms prefer live videos because it happens in real time. Live videos are much more advantageous than pre-recorded videos for increasing engagement and improving the brand connection. It helps them to offer a more authentic experience to the consumers. Businesses can leverage live videos for event promotion, product demonstration, consumer engagement, etc. 

SEO-Optimized Videos

As technology advances, search engines are becoming smarter and more intelligent. To make the video content visible to the search engines, the videos should be SEO-optimized. Video SEO is different from regular SEO. There are multiple strategies brands can leverage to make the videos optimized for search engines. For example, you can use the target keywords in the titles, video descriptions, file names, etc. Having original thumbnail images for the videos is another way to make the videos SEO-optimized. 

Short-Videos To Dominate

Human attention is becoming shorter with the prominence of social media in our lives. Consequently, short videos are more beneficial than long videos to engage the audience. The advent of TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, etc. has made short videos much more popular. It is a quick and effective way to engage, educate, and establish a bond with the target group. In the coming year, more businesses are expected to use short videos for promotions.

More Interactive Videos

Customer expectations are increasing day by day and brands are constantly exploring ways to meet these expectations and engage with the customers. Most of them expect brands to give them unique experiences with the help of advanced technology. Using interactive videos using AI and VR technologies is emerging as a new trend in marketing. It is one of the most effective ways of engaging the audience and improving conversion rates. With AI and VR technologies coming to the mainstream, interactive video marketing is expected to witness growth in the coming years. 

User-Generated Content

UGC or user-generated content is another marketing trend that is expected to get a huge push in the near future. Authenticity is one of the key traits that the new age customers look for when they choose a brand. Since user-generated content is created by users rather than brands themselves, people find it more authentic and reliable. Subsequently, businesses are considering UGC as an integral part of marketing as it helps to build an authentic brand image. When it comes to YouTube videos, content created by users grabs far more attention than those created by brands themselves. Furthermore, user-generated content increases user engagement immensely.

Significance of Silent Video

If you think the age of silent videos and movies is gone, it is not completely true. It is estimated that 85% of the videos watched on Facebook are without sound. Using captions or GIFs or soundless animation is becoming a more common practice than sounds in video. It allows users to watch videos even when they are in public spaces without earphones. Hence, many brands have started to focus on creating videos that are easy to understand without sound. Also, using captions make it easy to reach people beyond linguistic barriers.

The Emergence of New Platforms

The rising popularity of new platforms for video marketing is yet another major change happening in the marketing landscape. For example, OTT platforms are becoming increasingly popular these days. Brands can make use of OTT platforms for video advertisements and increase their reach among target customers. An advantage here is these platforms heavily rely on algorithms for providing relevant content and ads to the users.

Informative Content

There is no doubt that videos are one of the best learning tools. Brands have already started to use how-to videos or other informative content to generate leads. There is an overwhelming quantity of video ads out there which makes people block ads in whichever platform possible. To grab the attention of the target group and for effective lead generation, brands can switch to creating informative tutorials or educational content. 

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The future of video marketing is quite promising. If you are planning for a prolific social marketing strategy that gives your brand a competitive edge, we’re here to assist you. We are passionate about helping brands make the best out of their social media strategy. Feel free to get in touch with our team for a quick consultation!