How Brands Can Win On Youtube – 5 Trends To Follow in 2023

The advent of technology has changed the way we approach marketing. Out of all forms of marketing that have evolved in the last couple of decades, videos have become one of the most effective ways of marketing. It is easy to see why video marketing is integral to marketing. Everyone likes to watch interesting videos. Consumers will most likely buy a product or service when they watch the brand’s video.  

There are multiple video content publishing platforms these days. Apart from that, all major social media platforms allow users to post videos and capitalize on them. With audiences spending increasingly more time on videos, it offers a great opportunity for marketers to promote their brands. It allows users to establish a personal connection with the customers because it feels like face-to-face communication when the message is communicated in videos. Moreover, videos allow you to create any type of content which include educational videos, how-to guides, branding campaigns, advertisements, and much more. 

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is a prominent platform. After Google, it is the most viewed web platform in the world itself with 2 billion active viewers every month globally. Here are some of the emerging trends in YouTube marketing that you cannot miss if you are a content marketer. 

Go Live on YouTube

Live streaming is certainly the next big thing in video marketing, according to experts. It has already started to take the social media space by storm. When you communicate with the customers on live streams, it allows you to have a first-person interaction in real time with them. It allows your target group to relate and connect to your brand quickly. People are more interested in watching live streams than regular videos on YouTube. Brands can leverage YouTube Live to start real-time conversations with their customers. 

Add More How-To Tutorials

You may have seen hundreds of how-to tutorials on YouTube already and might not be enthusiastic about posting more of the type. But the popularity of how-to videos is not expected to go down anytime soon. Google, the parent company of YouTube has started to give prominence to how-to videos in search result pages. Moreover, adding how-to videos regarding your brand offers numerous benefits. It answers several questions that your consumers might have with relevance to your brand. They would like to view first-hand information about the product. Also, having how-to tutorials or guides make it much easier for the customer service team to clear the doubts the customers might have. 

Followers To Decide on Content

Gone are the days when YouTube content creators had a final say in content creation. These days they are relying on followers to get novel content ideas and plans. To put it another way, content creators are focusing more on follower-decided content. It helps them avoid the pitfalls of posting content that creates less traction. And asking viewers what they want to view is one of the best ways to improve the engagement rate. Similarly, brands can create videos that their customers want to view and thus keep them engaged. 

Live Shopping on YouTube

Live shopping is a newly emerging type of marketing strategy in which brands can sell products in real-time using live streams. Through live shopping, customers and brands get to connect and interact with each other. Moreover, content creators are coming up with live shopping videos, guided shop tours, etc. which help users to reach a buying decision quickly. Such immersive shopping experiences are a new trend in YouTube which is expected to gain more traction in the coming years. 

YouTube SEO

YouTube search engine optimization is yet another important aspect that marketers need to focus on to gain the various benefits of video marketing. To make your videos stand out on YouTube, you need to make them SEO-optimized. Furthermore, there are different tips and best practices to keep your content top of YouTube search page results.

The year 2023 is sure to witness much more changes in video marketing. If your business is gearing up to make the best use of social media video marketing, allow our content experts to assist you. At Fresh Content Society, we follow digital marketing trends closely and help businesses optimize their marketing ROI. Get in touch with us today for a quick consultation!