5 Most Common SEO Mistakes Which You Can Easily Avoid

Common Seo Mistakes

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the integral factors that can improve your brand’s visibility and improve conversion rates. However, the world of SEO is constantly changing, and it is quite challenging to stay updated about the latest trends. This blog lists out the most common SEO mistakes that are oft-repeated. By working with a reliable social media agency Chicago, you can avoid the most common SEO mistakes and ensure that your marketing strategy.

Slow Loading Time

Page load time is a major factor that pushes your prospective user away from your brand. If your site takes more time to load, the traffic earned through SEO becomes useless. Make sure you use the necessary metrics to evaluate the page loading time and take measures to increase the speed. 

Duplicate Content 

Publishing duplicates and non-engaging content is yet another common SEO mistake. It decreases the site rankings which keeps your webpage away from the top in search engine result pages. 

Non-Responsive Website

We live in a mobile-first world now. Your prospective users will rely on mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops to know about your website. If your page is not optimized for mobile, it can adversely impact your SEO efforts. 

Broken Links 

If your users reach your website and find an error page, it creates a bad impression. When the website has multiple broken links, the search bots will leave your website and move to the other. The broken web pages and links should be fixed as quickly as possible to get the desired benefits of SEO. 

Long URLs

URL stands for uniform resource locator. It refers to the location of a webpage in the world of the internet. Ideally, the URL should be shorter so that will be rendered correctly in all browsers. Furthermore, it can improve the user experience and increase search visibility.

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