4 Simple On-Page Factors For SEO Success

SEO includes both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. As the name suggests, on-page SEO refers to a handful of activities you can do on your website to improve the site ranking. For instance, meta tags, hyperlinks, page titles, URL optimization, and the like. Making your brand succeed in organic search requires both on-page and off-page efforts. Here’s a list of four on-page factors for SEO success. 

Title Tags

Title tags refer to the HTML tag which is included in the head section of each web page. It provides a hint about the topic discussed on the respective page. It is often an overlooked part of on-page SEO tasks. It is featured in the SERP pages and is mostly used as a clickable link. If the title tags are missed, duplicated, or poorly written, it can adversely impact your SEO efforts. 

Meta Descriptions 

Meta descriptions describe the content published on the specific web page. You can include relevant keywords in the meta description so that it comes on top of the search engines. By optimizing meta descriptions, you can improve the click-through rate and aim for better conversion rates. 

SEO-Friendly Content

When we say SEO-friendly writing, it means content that delights search engines as well as the users. In other words, it is more than including relevant keywords in the published content. The content should be relevant to the users and of good quality. Also, remember over-use of keywords will do more harm than good. When you work with a local digital marketing agency Chicago like us, you don’t need to worry about creating good quality content.

Image Optimization 

SEO is not only for written text but also for images. Make the images SEO-friendly by giving titles and descriptions so that they will come on top of the image search results as well. You can include relevant keywords while you put titles for the uploaded images. It further improves page rankings and user experience. 

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