The Most Common Email Marketing Myths That You Should Not Believe

Email Marketing Myths

Email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. It refers to sending a commercial message to a group of people using email. Though there are numerous digital communication channels now, the charm of email marketing still remains the same. Not only does it help to promote products or services, but also enables businesses to establish a connection with their potential customers. Working with a creative digital marketing agency Chicago will help you reap the various benefits of email marketing. Here we talk about the most common email marketing myths that you should not fall for. 

Too Many Emails In Customer’s Mailbox

If you consider the marketing email will be lost in the hundreds of emails that reach your customer’s mailbox, it is not completely true. As per research, email is reported to have 40 times more effective than other marketing channels. Email marketing is still a popular and effective way of marketing and it is thriving in multiple ways. 

Heavy-Designed Emails Are Preferred

If you think customers prefer only heavy-designed and attractive mails, it is far from the truth. You can definitely work with a creative digital marketing agency Chicago for creating heavy-designed emails. However, plain text emails also have the potential to give you the desired benefits of email marketing. 

Sending Too Many Emails Disturbs Consumers

Most business owners think sending too many emails will annoy the customers and end up in the spam section. Statistics show that it is not true. When sending frequency is matched with high-quality content, your customers will more likely get connected to your brand which in turn increases the conversion rates. 

Short Subject Lines Work Better

Though we have an assumption that customers read short texts only in email subject lines, it is not completely true. Subject lines with more than 70 characters have shown more click-through rates as per studies. However, there is no one-size-fits-all when it is about subject lines. Hiring a creative digital marketing agency Chicago is the best way to get your email marketing strategy right and effective.