3 SEO Components Included In Digital Marketing Services

In this digitally-driven world, SEO is nothing new to businesses anymore. It is one of the cost-effective ways to improve the quantity and quality of the traffic to your website. By making use of SEO techniques, you can make your business land on the top of search engine result pages. To put it another way, it is hardly possible to create a strong online presence for your brand without powerful SEO strategies. 

When you work with a reliable agency for digital marketing services Chicago, they will have an SEO checklist in place. It allows monitoring and measuring of the SEO tasks. Broadly speaking, the components in an SEO checklist can be classified into three categories. They are technical setup, content, and links. Each of these has further subcategories. 

Below are the three core components in an SEO checklist that is part of our digital marketing services Chicago.

On-Site Optimization

No matter if your website has great content and links, it will be not be preferred by search engines if technical errors exist. In fact, technical issues can harm a website and adversely influence its rankings and visibility. For search engines, a web page is mere text and not like how we see it. Thus, anything that is not rendered in the text format can’t be identified by the search engines. To sum up, higher SEO rankings are not possible without on-site optimization.


Content is the most important factor that influences the visibility of a web page. It is content that attracts visitors to your website. When you have more content, the website will have greater search visibility and enjoy a higher ranking. To attract the search engines, the content should include relevant keywords and search terms that you are targeting. Once your content is published, the page should be optimized for the search engines by adding meta tags, title descriptions, image descriptions, etc.


It implies the references your content gets from other websites. Various factors determine the quality of the link like the popularity of the linking site, the relevance of the topic, website ranking, etc.