How Does Google Analytics Help Reach Your Digital Marketing Goals?

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Google has several products and features to its name, but one of its most critical tools that stormed into the digital marketing landscape is Google analytics. 

It provides detailed statistics on a website’s performance, its traffic, source of traffic, conversions, etc. In other words, Google Analytics gives a deep insight into how the users are interacting with the online content you are putting out in the digital landscape. Here are a few ways by which Google Analytics help you. Hiring a reliable digital marketing agency Chicago will help you make the best use of the features of Google Analytics.

Know The Bounce Rate

The bounce rate represents the percentage of the people who landed on one of your web pages and left the website without going through any other pages or performing any actions on the webpage. Ideally, a web page should have a lesser bounce rate. It should engage the users while emulating your business idea. Bounce rate attributes to your Website’s Search engine ranking.

Set The Goals

You can set goals for your website performance using this analytics tool. The analytics are used to measure the conversions. The objective of every website publisher is to engage the visitor and create the visitors into the leads. Webmasters categorically create the website to generate leads through conversions. Web analytics help you measure your conversion goals. 

Impact of Paid Promotions

As the name says it, the paid traffic is the traffic gained through the paid campaigns like pay per click and other display ad campaigns. If you are using several channels for paid traffic, analytics will help you understand each of its performance.

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