Why Businesses Should Consider Online Reputation Management?

Did you know more than 90% of customers would refrain from using a brand’s service or product if they find negative reviews online? There is no doubt that negative reviews spread faster on social media now than ever before. And it has become integral for businesses to create a positive image in the digital world. That explains why you need a dedicated team for online reputation management. As a top-rated Chicago digital marketing agency, we have shared a few insights on why small businesses should focus on online reputation management.  

What is Online Reputation Management?

ORM involves various strategies to actively monitor the online reputation of a brand. It is aimed at building an authentic and positive profile of the brand online. It makes use of different tools and tactics to create a positive image and prevent any damage. It solves any issues that would be related to the business’s online image. In short, ORM creates a promoting positive image in the digital world. 

Why is ORM Important For Your Business? 

One of the major benefits of ORM is it helps to impact the purchase decision of users positively. Today’s customers consider the internet as their main source of information. What they read about your brand on social media has an impact on their buying decision. Before trusting a brand, they check around seven user reviews according to studies. In a nutshell, negative user reviews about your brand refrain the prospective users from buying the product. 

Apart from improving brand visibility, ORM helps to establish brand loyalty as well. You cannot stop users from posting negative reviews about your brand. However, you can respond to the concerns of users and fix the issue which in turn improves brand loyalty. Furthermore, active monitoring of the online reviews will help you derive relevant insights and opens avenues for business growth.

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