3 Tips For Finding Profitable Keywords For Your B2B Business

Keyword research is an essential part of any SEO plan and is included in digital marketing agency services. Even the best-planned campaigns can be a total disaster if you’ve targeted the wrong keywords. The basic goal of keyword research is to find out what your targeted audience is searching for which is related to your business category. Listed below are a few tips to help you find the profitable keywords for your B2B business. 

Long-Tail Keywords Perform Better

Use long-tail keywords which has more than 3-4 words as it can help you easily reach your target audience. Even if you have low search volume, the long-tail keywords will guarantee not only a better exposure but also a higher rank for your website. According to Google, the top 100 keywords make up less than 20% of overall search traffic as 70% comes from long-tail keywords, mainly specific ones with four-to-six-word phrases in them. It is better to avoid short-tail keywords because the same keywords will be used by your competitors. It will bury your site on the 10th or 20th page of SERP. 

Find The Best Performing Keywords

Analyzing keyword traffic data helps you figure out the best-performing keywords. Initially, you can start with a few keywords and see how they are performing. Gradually, you can find figure out the most beneficial keywords and use them in your campaigns. Remember that the target keywords should be the foundation for B2B business while devising an SEO strategy.

Check ‘Related Searches’              

While researching for keywords, you can make use of ‘related searches’ that come at the bottom of the search engine result pages. It helps you understand how the search engines consider keywords and the words associated with common search phrases. Also, you can search for different variations of keywords and keyword phrases. 

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