6 Tips To Optimize The Urls For SEO

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is the address of a worldwide web page. The structure of the URL matters in your organic search engine results. For getting your webpage discovered by the target audience, you should focus on the URL as well. Any professional and creative social media agency you hire will include URL as an integral part of the SEO strategy. In this blog, we have listed out a few tips to remember for creating SEO-friendly URLs. 

Keep The URL And Page Title Similar 

The page titles have a stronger impact on on-site optimization. Therefore, it helps if you could keep the page title and the page URL the same. Though it’s not always possible to use the exact words in the title and URL, you can try to do it whenever possible. Apart from the technical benefits, it will grab the attention of the target audience. Remember the title is the first thing that the users see in a SERP. 

Make Sure The Urls Are Readable

If you are not able to read the URL clearly, do not expect the search engines to interpret it rightly. It’s as simple as that. The takeaway is you need to make sure the URL for your web is simple and easy to read. 

Use Short Urls

Long URLs confuse Google and other search engines. So it’s always better to keep your URL shorter. Ideally, the URLs should be short, sweet, and readable. Shorter URLs are linked to higher search engine rankings. 

Make It Mobile-Friendly 

In the current world, your target audience will likely search your website using their mobile phones rather than desktop or laptop. Adding mobile URLs to the site map. It will help to get higher search rankings. 

Use Hyphens in the URL 

Hyphens can be used to separate words in the URL. It is the standard way of separating words in the URL. You should avoid underscores and stick to hyphens for making URLs optimized. 

Don’t Use Caps

URLs are case-sensitive. Therefore, try to avoid caps in your URL. Small letters make it more readable and search-engine friendly. 

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