8 Benefits of Google AdWords to Grow Your Business Online

“People are four times more likely to click ads on Google (63%) than on any other advertisement network.” – Websiterating

Google AdWords is the online advertising platform from Google that helps you create online ads to reach potential customers interested in your products/service. The platform runs on PPC (pay per click) advertising, meaning that you have to make a payment every time a user clicks on your ad.

There are numerous advertising mediums online, each having its own perks. So why choose AdWords?

Here are top 8 reasons how Google AdWords can help grow your business online –

  1. Google Adwords is Faster Than SEO

One of the topmost benefits of using Google AdWords is that they produce faster results than a SEO campaign. The reason being with Google AdWords – there is the option of focusing on multiple keywords at the same time, the campaign can be turned on or off as per your convenience and ads get immediate visibility once they appear on the top of the page.

SEO, on the other hand, is a long term process even though it is very effective. It takes months of article-seeding, backlinking and perseverance to rank for a particular keyword.

AdWords give instant visibility and results at a set cost. However, it does not mean that SEO should take a backseat – it should definitely be a part of your digital marketing strategy as it has long term benefits.

  1. Helps Increase Brand Awareness

Google AdWords is not just about boosting traffic and getting clicks and conversions, but also a great medium to increase awareness about your brand among the target audience. A study conducted by Google and Ipsos revealed that “search ads lift top-of-mind awareness by an average of 6.6%.”

Reinforcing the brand name along with the products/services offered is important to build a sense of trust with the audience. Through AdWords, even if people are not clicking your ad, they will be acquainted with the brand name, logo, tagline, imagery, etc. Moreover, you can also prioritize to focus more on brand awareness instead of clicks and conversions on this platform.

  1. Focuses on Intent

A major difference between advertising on AdWords versus any other form is intent.


For example, on a social media platform like Instagram, users are generally not looking for advertisements. They are on the platform to share their pictures, or to look at travel and food reels, etc.  So when you’re advertising to someone who doesn’t need it, the chances of getting positive results is lower.  On the other hand, on search, you are advertising to people who are looking for something specific – like ‘the best sulphate-free shampoo’ or ‘organic pulses online’. In this situation, your ad appearing to them is not an interruption but a solution to their query. So the chances of conversion are higher while using Google AdWords.

  1. Helps Reach More Customers Via Gmail

According to Oberlo, “for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $40.”

Email marketing has been an integral part of every marketing strategy, and gmail ads can be quite helpful. Google had integrated native Gmail ads with AdWords in 2015 and made it available for all advertisers, meaning that you can reach more customers via email.

Email ads are mostly visible under the promotional tab, and sometimes under the social tab. They cost much less than search ads, and can be a good choice for businesses with a small budget.

  1. Get Easy-To-Understand Results

Seeing how the ads perform is important in order to make changes and get the most out of your ad campaign. Some analytics dashboard can be quite complicated to understand the data you receive.

Google AdWords has a very straightforward dashboard with relevant information like clicks, impressions, keywords, etc available for easy understanding.  You can also delve deeper in the report, such as getting to know the exact behavior of a user on the website – what they clicked, what was the next step, the total time they spent on the website, etc.

  1. Opportunities To Explore More

When you link your Google AdWords account with Google Analytics, you can explore a lot more about user behavior. Information like how many pages the user visited, landing page bounce rate, details on new visitors and returning visitors are available for analysis.

With a lot more data in hand, you can tailor your ad campaign and make changes to yield more results. You can pause non-performing keywords, try different variations of copy and graphics and scale the campaign. Moreover, the data will also help target best performing keywords that can be used in articles and blogs – an additional advantage for your SEO campaigns.

  1. You Can Keep Better Track On Your Competitors

If a potential customer is searching for something online while you are not running an ad but your competitor is – you lose business in an instant.

So, keeping an eye on competition is a must to see the kind of ads they are running, the tone of communication, etc. Google AdWords has a very transparent system, and allows you to check on your competitors, thus making the job easier for you.

  1. Various Bidding Strategies To Help Maximize ROI

To make the optimum use of your budget and help reach the marketing goals, the Google Ads team has several bidding strategies in place for marketers. Examples include –

  • CPC bidding which is recommended if the goal is to drive website traffic
  • CPM bidding if the goal is brand awareness. This is available only on the Google Display network.
  • CPA bidding which is recommended when the focus is on conversions (sign ups, purchases, etc)

Google AdWords is a network that has something for every business – of different sizes, different goals and different budgets. It is indeed a great way to get the attention your brand needs for growth. At FCS, we specialize in running paid media campaigns, right from brainstorming sessions to strategy and execution. Call us today for a free consultation!