How Brands are Getting Millions of views on Tiktok

How Brands are Getting Millions of Views on Tiktok with Fresh Content Society Chicago, IL, June 14, 2022  – To get millions of organic video views on Tiktok is VERY hard to do, even if you are a well known brand (i.e. Tesla or Wendy’s). Fresh Content Society ( does this over and over again […]

Top 10 Highest Paid TikTok Videos of All Time

TikTok needs no introduction. Since its launch in 2016, the short video posting platform has clocked a billion monthly users in September 2021. It is indeed one of the biggest software networks ever released in the world.  Whether we like it or not, the platform has largely influenced the features of other social media networks […]

Highest Paid TikTok Videos of All Time

Tik Tok started paying Creators from the Creator Fund back in August of 2020. Below our the Highest Viewed TikTok Videos of all time and how much they would be paid based on the Tiktok Creator Fund based on 0.025 cents to 0.03 cents per 1000 views. Which Tiktoks Videos have the Highest Payouts and […]

How Brands Are Leveraging Juneteenth In Their Social Media Strategy

Juneteenth Written By: Emily Addison, Community Manager at FCS   As a young Black woman in the Social Media and Marketing industry, I’m intrigued by how brands and companies seem to understand or misunderstand how they can best post content relating to holidays that derive from ethnical/racial communities. After reading about Walmart and The Children’s […]

The Reality Of Creating Social Media Content To Scale

🚨 This is a must read post! Coming out of the gates strong this morning 🚨 The amount of content a social media manager needs to create is beyond comprehension. Not one other marketing role touches the quantity of content needed to stay active on channels. Figure if you are posting 3 x per week […]

How Brands Can Get Millions Of Video Views On Social Media

Getting a 1M + organic views on your content is no easy task for any brand, but there are very specific tactics you can take in order to give your content a chance to generate a million plus views. On the bottom of this newsletter you will find bullet points of how to create virality […]

4 Types Of Pricing Strategy For Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

It is a no-brainer that digital marketing is essential for the success of a small business in the current context. However, pricing is a major concern when people approach a digital marketing agency for small businesses. The good thing is due to competition between digital marketing agencies, you can find competitive rates for the services you […]

Why SEO is A Must For E-Commerce Businesses?

  SEO has become an integral part of marketing strategy in the present world. When it comes to e-commerce, business owners often overlook the importance of search engine optimization. They tend to follow paid marketing strategies that give instant results when compared with SEO. The fact is SEO is very important for e-commerce though you […]

How Digital Marketing Helps You Build A Successful Brand

The digital marketing landscape has widened in recent times. It is crucial for the success of a brand in the current business scenario to make the right use of digital marketing channels. It is important to have focused digital marketing efforts to create an impactful brand. There are significant benefits of working with a paid social […]