Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2023

There is no doubt that digital marketing takes the lion’s share of the marketing budget of businesses today. It is no longer possible to reach your sales targets by depending on offline marketing solely anymore. No matter the industry or the size, digital marketing enables the business to increase its audience reach, engage with them, […]

8 Video Optimization Tips For Better Rankings on Youtube

When we talk about the various trends that would dominate the digital marketing space in the coming years, video marketing can never be excluded. It has become an integral part of the digital marketing strategy for small businesses and large organizations alike. According to the marketing statistics for 2022, 93% of brands have reported having […]

6 Social Media Contest Ideas For Boosting Your Engagement Rate 

There is no doubt that social media contests boost engagement rates significantly. It is one of the best ways by which small businesses can improve visibility and recognition. It allows brands to improve their social media followers and reach a wider target group.  To reap the benefits of social media contests, it needs to be […]

4 Key Advantages of Having A Social Media Community Manager

Community management has become critical for a brand’s success today. The good thing is social media communities open up numerous opportunities for a brand’s growth. It is a great way to improve brand awareness among your target group. It allows brands to learn more about customers like their expectations, concerns, feedback, etc. regarding the products. […]

All You Need To Know About Nano Influencer Marketing And Why It Matters

Influencer marketing is a new form of traditional word-of-mouth marketing. It is how you engage social media influencers to promote your brand or product. We have witnessed the incredible growth of the influencer marketing industry in the last few years, especially in the post-pandemic period. Regardless of small or big, thousands of businesses have taken […]

Here is How Brands Should Be Looking At Twitter Since Elon Musk Has Taken Over

Perhaps the biggest news that garnered attention from every corner in the last week would be Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the social media platform. The chaos that followed in the company has been widely discussed across the business world in the last few days. And many brand marketers believe the acquisition is not a […]

5 Key Community Management Ideas For Social Media Agencies

The advent of social media has drastically changed the way we approach marketing. It has introduced new and easier ways for businesses to reach out and stay connected with the target audience. To put it the other way, social media enables businesses to build a community of loyal customers with proper community management strategies.  Given […]

Top 5 Predictions For Social Media Marketing For 2023 

The social media marketing landscape is a constantly evolving one. When done right, social media offers a plethora of benefits for businesses such as better brand awareness, increased conversion rates, strong online reputation, improved lead generation, and more. It is crucial to stay updated about the latest trends and changing preferences of consumers to make […]

Digital Media 2022 – The Powerful List of Statistics That You Need To Know 

Digital marketing uses digital channels to promote products and services. Any marketing activities enabled by the internet are categorized as digital marketing. It is no news that we currently live in the age of digital media. A significant share of marketing happens through digital channels these days. It allows businesses to stay connected with their […]